Murilo Huff gives up the assets of Léo, son and heir of Marília Mendonça

Ruth, mother of Marília Mendonça, will beá  the tutor of her grandson's assets, son of Murilo Huff with the artist (photo: reproduction / instagram @murilohuff)

Ruth, mother of Marília Mendonça, will be the guardian of her grandson’s assets, Murilo Huff’s son with the artist (photo: reproduction / instagram @murilohuff)

news summary:

  • Marília Mendonça died in a plane crash in early November 2021

  • Leo, the artist’s son, is her natural heir and his assets must be managed by his grandmother, Ruth

  • Murilo, the singer’s ex-boyfriend and Leo’s father, gave up the management of Marília’s estate

The succession of the Marília Mendonça is running as best as possible in Goiás, where she lived with her family. Leo, the artist’s only son and heir, will have his assets managed by his grandmother, Ruth, until he comes of age.

According to information provided by the Mendonça family’s lawyer, Robson Cunha, the singer’s ex-boyfriend had already abdicated the guardianship of the assets that now belong to her son. “Murilo does not participate in Marília’s heritage. The only holder of Marília’s heritage is Léo. He has no other heir,” she pointed out to ‘Who’.

The lawyer completed on the guardianship of the two-year-old boy. “Related to the management of everything related to Marília’s image and career is Dona Ruth’s. Dona Ruth is Leo’s only guardian and continues to be the guardian of the goods as well. All these decisions were handled in a harmonious way between Dona Ruth and Murilo, not only out of respect for Marília and Léo and in consideration of the affection they already had for each other”, he evaluates.

Shortly after Marília’s death, in a plane crash in early November, Huff agreed to share custody of Leo with his ex-mother-in-law so that the two could raise the boy. “Marília Mendonça’s inventory process was entered, but the information that she had left R$ 500 million in inheritance is totally wrong. It doesn’t even come close,” he pointed out.

The lawyer also informed that the income from future songs that will be released are not expressive. “All the releases with new artists released after the death of Marília Mendonça, the family does not have a direct participation in the billing. The profits are transferred first to the record company Som Livre and the other part to the company that represented the singer”, he justifies.

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