Pitty denies having posted a message to Anitta: ‘I didn’t speak about anyone’

Singer Pitty, 44, came out this afternoon to deny that she had sent an indirect to singer Anitta, 28, when she vented about the wave of reliving the 1980s in today’s music.

In response to a follower on Twitter, in which he demanded objectivity if he wanted to send a message to Anitta, Pitty declared that he had not seen that the singer had released a song – with a touch of the 80s – before making his post.

“I hadn’t seen it, really. I didn’t talk about anyone specific because that wasn’t the subject”, she declared, and stressed that she is tired of seeing her name involved in controversy with Anitta.

It’s very annoying, people keep trying to revive something that, for me, doesn’t even exist.

understand the controversy

This afternoon, Pitty used his Twitter profile to vent about the wave of reliving the 1980s in music. Despite not mentioning names, however, some fans of Anitta believe that the tweet is an indirect to the preview made available today of the single “Boys Don’t Cry”.

“Like this wave of finding the 1980s mass and generally throwing the riffs with that same little keyboard and I’m like, ‘Man, you guys never heard A-ha?'”, Pitty wrote in one of the posts on the social network. Then she completed her thought on the trend.

“It’s interesting to observe this anthropophagic process. Canned cream in the 1980s ruminated and regurgitated as number one. Ah, time?”, he pointed out. “It’s seeing in practice the talk of generational conflict and temporal distance.”

“It’s just that the fashion now is to be a rocker, right? I think it’s beautiful. Now go, Brazil”, added Pitty, criticized in the responses to the tweets. “But this is all over the world. As you know, the rhythms come and go over the years,” one profile said.

“That’s why it’s called pop, because it diversifies, several other artists have already used gothic/rock themes in pop. But just because it’s Anitta can’t, it’s invalidating rockers”, argued another person on the social network.

After the repercussion of Pitty’s posts, Anitta posted on Twitter two cookie emojis (which means when someone wants to get attention) and hinted that she had received the message.

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