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Roney (Danilo Grangheia) will finally start to pay for his evil in Um Lugar ao Sol. After Érica (Fernanda de Freitas) turns around, she will turn her sister into her housekeeper. Stephany (Renata Gaspar) will leave her husband. He will invade the mansion willing to drag his wife by force, but he will be humiliated and taken away by security guards in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

Unjustly accused of betraying Santiago (José de Abreu), the personal trainer will have difficult days because of the plan of Bárbara (Alinne Moraes), who will have had a fake profile of her stepmother created on a dating site. After the truth comes out, she will triumphantly return with Luan (Miguel Schmid) to the millionaire’s house.

The owner of Redentor will decide to fire Mercedes (Angela Figueiredo) for having been an accomplice in the coup of his youngest daughter. Erica will propose to her lover that her sister be their new employee, and the rich man will eventually accept. Dazzled by the idea of ​​living in the luxurious house, the manicurist will embark on the offer.

Roney, however, will lose his mind when he learns that Stephany is living with her sister. Violent, the taxi driver will invade the mansion and demand that the woman return to him, completely changed. Santiago’s security will spring into action and kick the bastard out of there in the scenes that air from February 3.

Concerned for the safety of his sister-in-law and the family, Nicole’s father (Ana Baird) will tell the physical educator that the only way for the new housekeeper to be free of Roney is to go to the police. Erica will then pressure her sister to report her brother-in-law to the police or risk losing the job she has just won.

Um Lugar ao Sol is a novel written by Lícia Manzo. Due to the new outbreak of Covid-19, the feuilleton gained two more weeks on the air and will be extended until March 26. The plot will be replaced by the remake of Pantanal on March 28. Before the change in Globo’s schedule, Um Lugar ao Sol would end on March 12.

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