Salary disclosure by Moro does not end controversy, say legal entities – 01/26/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

The disclosure by former judge and presidential candidate Sergio Moro of the amounts he received to work in a private consultancy will not end the controversy or cool investigations, assess legal entities critical of the former magistrate. He promised to reveal the information this Friday (28).

The Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy (ABJD), which on Tuesday (25) asked the Federal Public Ministry to investigate the case, and the Prerogativas group, which brings together lawyers and antagonizes Moro in the legal universe, say that the suspicion of conflict of interest will remain.

ABJD, in a note about Moro’s performance at Alvarez & Marsal, states that “the disclosure of the values ​​does not invalidate the investigation into the nature of his true relationship with the North American consultancy and the possibility of committing crimes such as trafficking in influence”.

For the organization, which brings together around 2,000 members from the progressive field across the country, “the decision to reveal the values ​​shows Moro’s fear of being forced to do so by a court decision.” The main investigation front of the matter is currently taking place at the TCU (Union Court of Auditors).

The role of the Podemos presidential candidate in the consultancy is considered controversial because ​the firm was judicially appointed to manage the judicial reorganization of companies that were targets of Operation Lava Jato, conducted by the former magistrate, and ended up economically weakened.

“The disclosure of how much the pre-candidate for the presidency made as an employee of Alvarez & Marsal, which judicially represents the companies affected by Lava Jato, is of a public nature, in compliance with the principle of publicity”, continues the ABJD statement.

Also according to the entity, Moro “will not do more than his obligation to Brazilian society by disclosing the data, which he should have done since when questioned”.

The diagnosis is shared by the lawyer Marco Aurélio de Carvalho, coordinator of the Prerogativas group and linked to the PT. According to him, the group critical of Lava Jato considers that other investigation fronts will open up with the disclosure of the numbers.

“It will be possible to discuss the quality of this data. Are they satisfactory or not? Are the values ​​compatible with the market? These payments are correlated to which service provision? Is there proof of service provision? What is the nature of the service provided? Not to mention in the discussion on the use of privileged information”, he lists.

Carvalho also says that it will be necessary to scrutinize not only salaries, but also advantages and benefits that the former judge may have received. “Doubts about ethical conduct are not dispelled by the simple exposition of values. It is a question of facing the fundamental problem, which is the conflict of interests.”

Prerogativas intends to support the action presented by the ABJD to the MPF. Until this Wednesday (26), there was no information on the progress of the application filed in Brasília.

Moro claims that he did not get involved with clients related to Lava Jato during the period he worked for the company and denies any wrongdoing. Alvarez & Marsal stated in a statement that the contract provided for him to act as a consultant and prevented his participation in cases related to the operation he led.

“I want to put an end to this story, with these lies. On Friday I will disclose all this information: how much I earned, how much I received. Show that I did not receive anything from a company investigated in Operation Lava Jato”, said Moro, in video on social networks, this Wednesday (26).

The former judge and former minister also stated in the recording that he is not “yielding to the TCU” and that the process is an “abuse, full of illegalities”. “I want to be transparent with you, with the Brazilian population, as every public person should be.”


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