Tesla Cybertruck images leak

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Long-awaited Tesla pickup, the Cybertruck looks like it will finally get off the ground. Images leaked on internet forums have revealed some new details of the electric vehicle that is expected to go into production in 2023.

The unconventional look of the model presented in 2019 follows, but some changes have been made. The wheels are the main changes, as they are quite different from those shown on the original prototype – which had a large plastic cap to improve aerodynamics and which also contributed to the model’s futuristic look. The new ones have a similar look to the Model 3.

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Due to the fact that very strict rules exist regarding rearview mirrors, Tesla was forced to add them to the car – despite being easy to remove.

The automaker’s initial intention was to have rear-view cameras, bringing a cleaner design and better aerodynamics to the Cybertruck. It seems, however, that this will only be on paper.

Another change to a conventional design took place in the windshield wiper. Tesla is designing its own electromagnetic wiper system that is rumored to appear on the Cybertruck. But for now, what we saw was a great “ordinary” cleaner. The windshield appears to have a curvature, while the original was flat.

If some of the adopted options moved towards conventional solutions, at least one of the novelties followed the opposite path. In this new version, the Cybertruck appears without handles – Tesla’s idea is that the car will recognize its owner and open the door.

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