Traditional banks increase PIX fees for companies and fintechs become more attractive

Launched at the end of 2020 by the Central Bank (BC), PIX was made official as an instant payment method that came with the aim of making life easier for Brazilians, later receiving dozens of updates in order to guarantee the safety of users and, at the same time, contrary to the initial proposal, taxation on some categories.

The enormous popularity of this form of payment has created a favorable environment for that financial institutions started charging companies for the service with fees that can reach up to R$ 150, fees that refer to the period when the most used transfer modalities were TED and DOC with fixed costs on each shipment.

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This week, the collection of fees was expanded to the PIX Saque and PIX Troco categories, features announced a few weeks ago by the BC and allow users of the system to make withdrawals at commercial establishments — limited to R$ 500/day — or receive change for the purchase of products via PIX.

These modalities are free for individuals (PF), but unfortunately the benefit does not extend to companies and the cost is being expanded to more banks, including Santander and Banco do Brasil, which charge R$2.50 and R$2.90 on each cash withdrawal, respectively.

As stated on the banks’ websites, These fees are not charged to the accounts of Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs) and Individual Companies (EI)profiles that are currently exempt from paying fees related to sending or withdrawing via PIX and can use both Cash Out and Change for free.

The increase in taxes and the bureaucracy in dealing with traditional banks is a huge attraction for legal entity (PJ) users to migrate to digital solutions such as Banco Inter and Nubank, which offer exclusive accounts for entrepreneurs and do not charge fees for using the PIX.

Have you fully adhered to PIX or do you still usually transfer money through TEC and DOC? Tell us, comment!

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