BBB22: Lucas tells Natália that he will not put Eslo in the VIP if he wins the leader

even though Lucas and Slovenia having given the first kiss of the “BBB22“, everything indicates that they will not mix romance with game strategy. During a conversation with Natalia, this Thursday (27), the medical student said that will not put the ex-miss on your VIP, if you win tonight’s leader test. Is there bullshit coming?


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I would put you, Jessi, Lina, Arthur, Naiara and Paulo André in the VIP if it’s 6, right? But Paulo is already there, so, suddenly, I would change. Let me think of another name“, he said Lucas, which was soon interrupted by Natalia. “and your crush [Eslovênia], you will not put?“, asked the model.

“So, we talked, because her group is not the one I fit in the most. I think everyone has to stick to their strategy and let it happen.“, explained the brother. Lucas had already talked to Eslo about this VIP situation, but at the time he hinted that he would invite her to the group, yes.

I have a more or less idea: Jessi, Nat, I approached Arthur, Lina too, I even thought about calling Naiara and Paulo André“, said the boy. “And me, my son?“, He asked Slovenia. “Is that you“, concluded the brother. So, will it really work? During the conversation with Natalia, Lucas he also said that he would call her to do the leader’s test with him, if it’s in pairs.

It is worth remembering that, during the party, the “wink” had also made the same invitation to style. Will we have a love triangle in the “BBB22“? To stay on top of everything that happens in the most watched house in Brazil, just keep an eye on the POPline.

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