Brazil takes Ecuador’s draw in a game marked by expulsions and use of VAR – 01/27/2022

The Brazilian team drew today (27) with Ecuador by 1 to 1 in the opening of the 15th round of the Qualifiers of the World Cup in Qatar. The goals that defined the result at the Casa Blanca stadium, in Quito, were scored by midfielder Casemiro just five minutes into the first half and by defender Torres at 29 minutes of the second half.

The match was marked by huge refereeing controversies: two players were sent off (Alexander Domínguez, from Ecuador, and Emerson Royal, from Brazil) and five important field markings by referee Wilmar Roldán were changed after consulting VAR. Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson even received the red card twice, both disallowed, and two penalties for the home team were scored in the second half, in addition to Domínguez’s bid, in which no foul had been scored.

Already qualified for the World Cup, Brazil advances to 36 points in the undefeated lead of the Qualifiers, while Ecuador reaches 24, in third place, and is already starting to count for its place. The games of the next round will be on Tuesday (1). Brazil receives Paraguay at Mineirão at 21:30, while Ecuador plays as a visitor against Peru an hour and a half later.

Emerson Royal: worst on the field

Emerson - Rodrigo Buendia/Reuters - Rodrigo Buendia/Reuters

Emerson Royal disputes the ball with Caicedo in the match between Brazil and Ecuador

Image: Rodrigo Buendia/Reuters

Unfocused and flustered, Emerson Royal was the worst news for the Brazilian team against Ecuador. Worse for the collective, because of the early expulsion that did not let Tite’s team enjoy the numerical advantage achieved just before, and worse for the individual item, since the red card hinders the pretension of a sequence and opportunities in the dispute for a place in the right side. Emerson even got in the way of Coutinho, who had to be “sacrificed” to rebuild the defensive line.

Do you want a red card there?

Domínguez - Santiago Arcos/Pool/Getty Images - Santiago Arcos/Pool/Getty Images

Alexander Domínguez’s expulsion bid after Matheus Cunha’s entry in Ecuador vs Brazil

Image: Santiago Arcos/Pool/Getty Images

Referee Wilmar Roldán distributed three red cards in the first 25 minutes of the ball rolling in Ecuador. The first “winner” was Ecuadorian goalkeeper Alexander Domínguez because of a foul that drew blood from Matheus Cunha’s neck — the referee, by the way, hadn’t even seen a foul before consulting the video referee. That was at 12 minutes. Seven minutes later it was time for Emerson Royal to hit Estrada in a tackle and earn his second yellow card. The first had left in the opening minute of the game, then the expulsion came.

The third expelled would have been Alisson, twice. The goalkeeper left the area to make a cut and kicked the ball. At the end of the movement, his leg hit Enner Valencia’s face, who fell to the ground. Roldán showed the red straight to the Brazilian, but again resorted to VAR and changed the color of the card to yellow. Despite the three stoppages, the first half had just nine minutes of added time.

In the final stage, Alisson punched the ball in a tackle with Ayrton Preciado in the 46th minute and the referee again awarded a penalty, in addition to showing a second yellow card and thus sending the Brazilian goalkeeper off. The two appointments were canceled after consulting the video.

Missing ball on the floor

Militão - Santiago Arcos/AFP - Santiago Arcos/AFP

Militão drives the ball in the match between Brazil and Ecuador for the World Cup Qualifiers

Image: Santiago Arcos/AFP

Ecuador started showing their credentials, with a lot of speed on the wing, but took the goal from Brazil after just five minutes, in an opportunistic move by Casemiro. What followed was a game full of refereeing controversies, VAR reviews and little ball on the ground. You can say that the first half had only one chance to score, with Matheus Cunha in a pass by Vinicius Júnior that passed close to Galíndez’s right post.

The complementary stage had a little more football. A hit by Casemiro outside the net and an individual move by Plata on the left were moves that were dangerous. At nine minutes, Estupiñán fell in the area between Daniel Alves and Raphinha and the referee awarded a penalty. After consulting VAR, Roldán annulled his own marking, because the Ecuadorian provoked contact with the Brazil forward.

The Brazilian team even improved after this move, but was punished with a goal by Ecuador in their best moment of the match. By this time, Tite had remade the entire attack with the additions of Antony, Gabriel Jesus and Gabigol and the team had a chance to score in the 40th minute, in a cross kick from the Flamengo player defended by Galíndez. Despite the opportunity, the performance was well below expectations.

Daniel Alves in history

Daniel - Rodrigo Buendia/AFP - Rodrigo Buendia/AFP

Daniel Alves disputes bid in Ecuador vs Brazil: he completed 121 games for the Brazilian team

Image: Rodrigo Buendia/AFP

Triggered in the 32nd minute of the first half to replace Philippe Coutinho because of Emerson Royal’s expulsion, right-back Daniel Alves reached a historic milestone in Ecuador. It was his 121st game for the Brazilian national team, a number that makes him surpass Rivellino’s 120 games as the third player with the most matches with Amarelinha in history. Only Roberto Carlos (132) and Cafu (150) are ahead. The Barcelona player is 38 years old and dreams of playing in the World Cup.

the goals

Selection - Santiago Arcos/AFP - Santiago Arcos/AFP

Players of the Brazilian national team celebrate the goal scored by Casemiro against Ecuador

Image: Santiago Arcos/AFP

Brazil scored in their first attack, five minutes into the first half. Philippe Coutinho saved a ball from going out through the bottom line on the left and raised it in the area. Matheus Cunha headed inside the small area and the Ecuador defense got in the way to get away. Casemiro took advantage of the leftover to finish the goal. Ecuador equalized the score in the 29th minute of the second half, in a corner converted by Torres with a header. Alisson even touched the ball, but did not avoid the goal.


Competition: World Cup Qualifiers, 15th round
Place: Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium (Casa Blanca), in Quito-EQU
Date/time: January 27, 2022, Thursday at 18:00 (Brasília time)
Referee: Wilmar Roldán (Colombia)
assistants: Alexander Guzman and Jhon Leon (both from Colombia)
VAR: Leodan Gonzalez (Uruguay)
Yellow cards: Enner Valencia, Caicedo (Ecuador), Emerson Royal, Emerson Royal, Éder Militão, Alisson, Raphinha (Brazil)
red cards: Alexander Domínguez (Ecuador), Emerson Royal (Brazil)

GOALS: Casemiro, at 5/1st (0-1), Torres, at 29/2nd (1-1)

ECUADOR: Alexander Domínguez; Angelo Preciado (Romario Caicedo, at 20/2Q), Torres, Hincapié and Estupiñán; Gruezo (Ayrton Preciado, at 20/2Q), Caicedo (Méndez, at 40/2Q), Allan Franco (Galíndez, at 17/1Q); Estrada (Carcelén, at 40/2º), Plata and Enner Valencia. Technician: Gustavo Alfaro

BRAZIL: Alisson; Emerson Royal, Éder Militão, Thiago Silva and Alex Sandro; Casemiro, Fred and Philippe Coutinho (Daniel Alves, at 32/1Q); Raphinha (Antony, at 17/2Q), Vinicius Júnior (Gabriel Jesus, at 17/2Q) and Matheus Cunha (Gabigol, at 33/2Q). Technician: Tite

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