Brazil x Ecuador has expulsions and tough entries; see memes

The 1st half of Brazil x Ecuador, valid for the South American Qualifiers of the 2022 World Cup, was marked by a series of violent bids that culminated in two expulsions – VAR avoided a 3rd red card shortly after.

Despite the little importance for Tite’s selection due to the early qualification for the Qatar tournament, the match, which ended in 1 to 1, gained an air of tension in the 14th minute, when Matheus Cunha had his neck badly injured by goalkeeper Domínguez. .

The Ecuadorian athlete, when leaving the goal to avoid the Brazilian’s submission, raised his foot and hit the attacker with the cleats of his boot. After using the technology, he was sent off by referee Vilmar Roldán, who called a free-kick a step away from the area.

Alexander Domínguez's expulsion bid after entering Matheus Cunha in Ecuador vs Brazil - Santiago Arcos/Pool/Getty Images - Santiago Arcos/Pool/Getty Images

Alexander Domínguez’s expulsion bid after Matheus Cunha’s entry in Ecuador vs Brazil

Image: Santiago Arcos/Pool/Getty Images

Five minutes later, it was Brazil’s turn to lose a player. The side Emerson, who won the title for the match, hit the intimate region of Estrada after launching and received the 2nd yellow card – he had been punished in the 1st minute of the game by leaving his arm in Caicedo’s face.

There was still time for another controversy: Alisson, Tite’s trusted goalkeeper, got the red card when he left the goal and, after isolating the ball, hit Enner Valencia in the head with his leg. The referee even applied the red to the Liverpool player, but changed his mind after checking the bid in VAR.

Here are some reactions from the tense match:

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