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baby vaccine
Baby receives six doses of COVID-19 vaccine (photo: Pxinio/Reproduction)

Due to a medical error, a six-month-old baby was vaccinated with an entire vial of the Pfizer immunizer against COVID-19, in the city of Altinpolis, in the interior of So Paulo. The amount applied is equivalent to six doses of the vaccine. In Brazil, vaccination for children under five years of age has not yet been authorized and the case has concerned specialists and health professionals.

According to the family, the baby should receive the preventive vaccine against meningitis, tetanus, whooping cough and hepatitis. In the press, the mother stated that the nursing technician, responsible for administering the doses, immediately recognized the error and contacted the medical team and health surveillance. The incident took place on January 17.

The child was admitted to the Hospital das Clnicas (HC) in Ribeiro Preto, where he remained under observation for three days. According to the mother, the baby had leg swelling, fever and pain. With no other medical complications, she was discharged and continues to be monitored by health professionals at home.

As for the nursing technician’s error, the mother claims not to hold a grudge and praised the professional’s conduct in immediately reporting what happened.

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