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  (credit: Pixabay/Reproduction)

(credit: Pixabay/Reproduction)

grace and misfortune

Stardate: Waning Moon in Sagittarius

The human kingdom is an organism of nature, in which each of its individual parts does not concretely know that its individual functioning is the result of the functioning of the larger organism.

Not only that, but it also happens that we, individuals, resist this idea, because we imagine that integrating ourselves into something greater than our individualities would result in annulling our wills and desires, to submit to something that we do not understand or accept.

For I can tell you with complete certainty that all our individual misfortunes, which make up the sum that is the disgrace of the current state of civilization, are derived from this resistance, which constitutes that worst kind of ignorance, which is knowing but not wanting to. to know. Grace is in integration, and disgrace is in disintegration.

ARIES (birth between 3/21 to 4/20)

This is the time to act with vigor and firmness, to take control of the situation. Even if you don’t have all the reins of destiny in your hands, at least in immediate situations, act to have more control of everything.

TAURUS (birth between 4/21 to 5/20)

Rest is good, but only when the soul is really tired. If you dedicate yourself to rest, avoiding the complications that new conquests would pose, your soul actually succumbs to fear and lives to hide.

TWINS (birth between 5/21 to 6/20)

So that things don’t degenerate into conflicts that would certainly get out of control, try to act according to your intentions, only this time, be careful to act with delicacy, to avoid sensitivity.

CANCER (birth between 6/21 to 7/21)

Suddenly, things pop up everywhere for you to do, tasks that, despite being your responsibility, seem to have conspired to come all at once. You can do it all, relax.

LION (birth between 7/22 to 8/22)

Everything has a price, of course, your soul knows that very well. However, despite knowing, he is always faced with a situation in which he tries to convince himself that, this time, everything would be different. Only the price is different.

VIRGO (birth between 8/23 to 9/22)

What you experience now, and what sinks deep into your guts and heart, is what is in the process of transformation. So don’t worry about the repetitions, these are the last throes of them. And so.

LIBRA (birth between 9/23 to 10/22)

Everything that can be said to enlighten and free people will find a suitable space and time today. Hold sincerity in high esteem, for it alone will be your true protection. In front of.

SCORPIO (birth between 9/23 to 11/21)

Excessive concern about money is counterproductive, because in this state of mind your soul tends to take actions that, in the future, will prove to be true backfires.

SAGITTARIUS (birth between 11/22 to 12/21)

For you to get right in the attitudes you take today, try to analyze the scenario and outline minimal strategies, so that what you put in motion is not mere turmoil, but something that brings results.

CAPRICORN (birth between 12/22 to 1/20)

Keep your real intentions to yourself, but don’t stop making your moves. This time, discretion will help you to have more control over the situation, and avoid unwanted outside interference.

AQUARIUS (birth between 1/21 to 2/19)

People are so self-absorbed in their worries and anxieties that they neglect what could save them, connections and contacts. It’s harder to get people together, but that’s still the channel.

PISCES (birth between 2/20 to 3/20)

It’s all risky, it all requires daring on your part, but if you remember well, you’ve come here and now with a soul motivated by ambition, and that’s not something that produces a path of existential serenity.

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