consultation of who will receive and what is the value of the salary allowance released

The consultation of who will receive the PIS Pasep 2022 (base year 2020). In addition, workers can now also check how much will fall into the account referring to the salary bonus.

As the payment was supposed to have been made last year but was postponed, this year the PIS Pasep calendar will be completed in less than two months. In the case of PIS, paid by Caixa Econômica Federal to employees of private companies, deposits start on February 8 and go until March 31. In the case of Pasep, paid by Banco do Brasil to public servants, deposits will be made between February 15 and March 24. Check the schedules below.

2022 PIS Calendar

Birth monthPIS withdrawal

Pasep Calendar 2022

end of registrationWithdrawal of Pasep

How to calculate PIS Pasep

The value of PIS Pasep is composed of 1/12 of the minimum wage valid on the date of payment, multiplied by the number of months worked in the corresponding year. That is, if the beneficiary worked all year 2020, he will receive a minimum wage, which in 2022 is R$ 1,212. If you worked one month, you will receive R$ 101.

Who is entitled to PIS Pasep

The salary allowance will be paid to those who received about two monthly minimum wages with a formal contract and performed remunerated activity for at least 30 days in the base year of 2020. In addition, it is necessary to be enrolled in PIS Pasep for at least five years and have the data updated by the employer in the Annual Report of Social Information (Rais).

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, around 23 million Brazilians will receive the money in 2022, totaling R$ 21.82 billion in PIS Pasep.

Consultation PIS Pasep 2022

The consultation to find out if you will receive the salary bonus and what amount can be carried out in the Digital Job Portfolio app or by phone 158.

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January 27, 2022 11:14 am

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