Dog asks police for help and saves blind tutor who fell into stream

Samantha took the police to the tutor who was injured.  Photo: Zoorprendente
Samantha took the police to the tutor who was injured. Photo: Zoorprendente

Samantha is a beautiful Labrador retriever who saved the life of her 84-year-old blind owner after asking police officers in Limington, USA for help.

It all happened against the backdrop of a harsh winter. Samantha and her tutor decided to take a walk, when the little dog ran through the forest.

Intending to call her back to the house, the old man went into the forest and accidentally fell into a dangerous stream.

With the dog’s help, police find elderly man

Immediately, the dog started running and barking to get someone’s attention and her owner, very scared, also started screaming. Fortunately, he was overheard by a woman who at the same time contacted the town sheriff.

The only information the police had was that the woman heard screams from a man. When they arrived at the scene, they found Samantha who took them to the tutor.

Despite all his attempts, the old man was unable to get out of the frozen stream, and by the time help arrived, his body temperature had already dropped to alarming levels.

The little dog was also already suffering from the drop in body temperature.

Tutor and bitch are fine

Samantha’s tutor was rescued and is doing well. The little dog too and soon they will be home together.

These four-legged angels save lives!

With information from Zoorprentente

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