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With Tiago Abravanel leading the BBB 22, the Xepa and VIP groups were defined on Thursday night (27). The actor and singer chose to take Arthur Aguiar, Douglas Silva, Linn da Quebrada, Jade Picon and Pedro Scooby to the more privileged side of the house.

In the space with fewer food options were Bárbara Heck, Brunna Gonçalves, Eliezer Netto, Eslovênia Marques, Jessilane Alves, Laís Caldas, Lucas Bissoli, Maria, Naiara Azevedo, Natália Deodato, Paulo André Camilo, Rodrigo Mussi and Vinicius Fernandes.

Before defining the groups of the week, Tiago had to decide with Scooby which of the two would take the title of leader at the time. Without thinking too much, Luana Piovani’s ex agreed to leave Abravanel as the game’s big boss and chose to just stay immune to the wall. However, unknowingly, the two will have to indicate targets to the second hot seat of the season.

Tiago became the leader after disputing an agility and luck test. In the live edition, Tadeu Schmidt requested that eight pairs be divided into two groups with four teams each; the top two from each group qualified for a final.

In the first group, Arthur/Douglas and Laís/Slovenia defeated Vyni/Paulo and Lucas/Natália to secure a spot in the final stage. The second lightweight had Tiago/Scooby and Linn/Jade as winners against Maria/Brunna and Jessi/Naiara. In the decision, the winners were Tiago and Scooby.

dynamics of the week

Tadeu Schmidt also explained how the dynamics of the week at BBB 22 will work. The presenter revealed that the winning duo of the Leader’s Test will have the power to nominate two people to the wall, which has not yet been told the participants. In addition, the confined will be surprised with an open vote on Sunday (30).

“Douglas [ex-líder] will veto three people. The winning pair of the Leader’s Trial will decide who gets the lead and immunity. On Saturday (29) we will have Prova do Anjo, Sunday (30), we will have triple wall. The angel will immunize a confinement colleague, the leader indicates one, the leader’s duo also indicates one “, revealed the presenter.

Then Tadeu announced some news to shake up the game. “The immunized angel indicates one more, we will have the vote of the house, nine votes in the confessional and nine open votes, then we will have Prova Bate e Volta. The one indicated by the leader does not participate in the activity”, completed Schmidt.

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