Fluminense goes badly, leaves booed and loses to Bangu in Carioca’s debut

Fluminense stayed much longer with the ball at their feet and went around, but it was bad and lost to Bangu by 1 to 0, in the debut of the Carioca Championship, this Thursday. With several reinforcements making their first match, Tricolor curbed fan expectations by presenting little offensive repertoire and spaces in defense. The visitors’ goal at Estádio Luso-Brasileiro, on Ilha do Governador, was Roberto Baggio.

Fluminense X Bangu

Fluminense lost to Bangu this Thursday

With the result, Flu is among the teams that still haven’t won points, while Bangu conquers the first three and joins Vasco, Flamengo and Madureira, the next opponent of Tricolor. Abel Braga’s team returns to the field on Sunday, at 6 pm, in Volta Redonda. Bangu visits Botafogo on the same day, at 4pm.

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Abel Braga’s first team in their fourth spell at Fluminense had three defenders, five in the middle and Willian Bigode alongside Fred in charge of the attack. What was seen in practice was a Tricolor that started with high pressure in Bangu, but had little repertoire to finish. Behind, an avenue of spaces for the opponent to grow and take advantage of. The team was slow in the transitions and made a first half to totally break the fan’s high expectations.


Flu, as predicted, started the game going up and with more ball possession, trying to threaten the opponent. With high blood pressure, Tricolor tried to suffocate Bangu. However, it was the opponents who took better advantage of the spaces. After an error in the ball out with Felipe Melo, the visitors recovered the ball, set up the fast counterattack and Baggio appeared alone after a cross to put it in the goal.


Flu even improved in the second half, after the entry of Luiz Henrique in the place of Felipe Melo. In a new scheme, Tricolor tried to be more dangerous, especially with kicks from Nathan, but was not very successful. Martinelli, who entered the spot for the new midfielder, also kicked, but wide. Bangu was making wax and trying to kill time as best he could, while Fluminense tried to find himself in the attack.


It didn’t take long for the fan to get a taste of Germán Cano and Fred performing together. In the 38th minute, Abel Braga needed to trigger the striker on the bench for the final pressure from Fluminense and drew Willian Bigode. The number 9 appeared little during the second half, but had two good chances that passed close to the goal.


It was eight minutes of extra time to try to make up for all the time that Bangu players were lying on the lawn. Even André tried a kick, but the night really wasn’t Fluminense’s. The team even complained about some penalties, including in the last bid, when Germán Cano fell inside the area, but the referee called the foul outside. In the end, the goalkeeper defended Fred’s charge and it all ended in Bangu’s victory, boos from the crowd and cursing to Abel Braga.


Date/Time: 01/27/2022, at 20:30
Place: Luso-Brazilian Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Alex Gomes Stefano
Assistants: Diogo Carvalho Silva and Fabiana Nobrega Pitta

goals: Baggio (13’/1st) (0-1)
Yellow cards: Felipe Melo (FLU), Brito (BAN)
red cards:

Fluminense (Coach: Abel Braga)
Marcos Felipe; Nino, Felipe Melo (Luiz Henrique – halftime) and David Braz; Samuel Xavier (Pineida – 19’/2ºT), André, Yago Felipe, Nathan (Martinelli – 29’/2ºT) and Cris Silva (Caio Paulista – 19’/2ºT); Willian Bigode (Cano – 38’/2ºT) and Fred.

Bangu (Coach: Felipe Loureiro)
Paulo Henrique; Carlos Eduardo, Israel, Eduardo Brito (Guilherme Martins – 23’/2ºT) and Renatinho; Roberto Baggio, Denilson (Adsson – 15’/2ºT) and Lucas Oliveira; Luis Araújo (Lucas Duarte – 42’/2ºT), Santarém (João Vitor – 42’/2ºT) and Daniel Dias (Igor Miranda – 23’/2ºT).

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