Ghost debut new song Kaisarion at first show since 2020

Ghost played their first show since March 2020 last Tuesday (25th). The performance was held at the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada, in the United States, and was part of a co-headlining tour with Volbeat. , which runs through the country until March.

The tour also doubles as a sort of “warm-up tour” for the group before releasing their new album. Entitled “Impera”, the work goes public on March 11.

The show featured a few firsts. The most notorious was the opening “Kaisarion”, which will be on “Impera” and has not yet been released as a single. The already revealed “Hunter’s Moon” and the cover of “Enter Sandman” (Metallica), featured on the tribute album “The Metallica Blacklist”, were also performed live for the first time.

Photo: @thebandghost / Instagram

Before Ghost, Volbeat also played a show marked by some new songs in their repertoire. “Temple of Ekur”, “Becoming”, “The Devil Rages On” and “The Sacred Stones”, performed for the first time, are part of “Servant of the Mind”, an album released by the band in December last year. The two bands played 16 songs each. The Twin Temple was the opening attraction.

Photo: Britt Bowman @britt_bowman / Instagram @volbeat

See, below, repertoires (via and videos of Ghost and Volbeat concerts in Reno, USA.

Ghost and Volbeat live



  1. Kaisarion
  2. rats
  3. From the Pinnacle to the Pit
  4. Mary on a Cross
  5. Devil Church
  6. cirice
  7. Hunter’s Moon
  8. faith
  9. Helvetesfönster
  10. Year Zero
  11. Ritual
  12. Mummy Dust
  13. Kiss the Go-Goat
  14. Encore: Enter Sandman (Metallica cover)
  15. Encore: Dance Macabre
  16. Encore: Square Hammer



“Kaisarion” + “Rats”

“Hunter’s Moon”

“Helvetesfönster” / “Year Zero”

“Enter Sandman”



  1. Temple of Ekur
  2. Pelvis on Fire
  3. Doc Holliday
  4. Lola Montez
  5. Sad Man’s Tongue
  6. Becoming
  7. Last Day Under the Sun
  8. Wait a Minute My Girl
  9. black rose
  10. shotgun blues
  11. The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
  12. The Devil Rages On
  13. The Sacred Stones
  14. Seal the Deal
  15. die to live
  16. Still Counting


“The Temple of Ekur”


“Last Day Under the Sun”

“The Devil Rages On”

Watch an interview with Jon Larsen, drummer for Volbeat!

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