Gil do Vigor loses patience with participants and detonates everything

Gil do Vigor
Gil do Vigor was disgusted with the situation (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Gil do Vigor detonated what has been happening in the BBB 2022. The former participant of the global reality used his profile on Twitter to criticize the posture of the confined, disapproving of their impartiality:

Find out everything that goes on at the BBB 2022 in the coverage of RD1

“I’m really upset! A unique chance and the people want to sing and sleep. Pff! Better to be canceled than to live like this (because this is not real life).”

The economist’s statement had the support of his friend, Sarah Andrade, also from BBB 2021: “One of these hours I would be theorizing who would go to the wall next week. Where are the people talking about the game?”.

Gil do Vigor makes a curious request for Boninho

Gil even used social media to make a request to director Boninho, while watching BBB 2022. The participant of the previous edition asked to spend a day in the most watched house in the country.

Boninho, put me in there even if it’s one day”, wrote Gil. Then Sarah Andrade, who was also at BBB 2021, also made a request for Boninho. “Put us there, Boninho, I never asked you for anything”, declared the former sister.

Gil, then, said that he does not want to win the prize of R$ 1.5 million, but to advise the brothers so that they know how to achieve victory. “Come on, my friend! I don’t even want the prize, just explain what BBB is”, said the famous to Sarah.

Arthur Aguiar opines on Gil do Vigor

Arthur Aguiar gave his opinion on the trajectory of the Pernambuco native, who finished in 4th place in the competition. In a conversation with Naiara Azevedo, the actor declared that Gil should have reached the triple final, which had Camilla de Lucas, Fiuk and Juliette. The latter won the program with 90.15% of the votes and earned BRL 1.5 million.

“Last year, it was obvious that Gil had to be in the final. But why didn’t he go to the end? In the previous round, he crashed into the wall with the champion”pointed out Arthur, citing that the economist lost the wall against Camilla and Juliette.

The Camarote participant used Gil do Vigor as an example that anything can happen: “It’s a variable! If he had fallen out with anyone else, he would have passed. There was no way he wouldn’t be in the final, but there was a variable that can’t be controlled”.

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