“I’m 22 years old, but I’m trapped in the body of an 8-year-old”, says young man with rare condition – Revista Crescer

Shauna Rae is 22 years old, but people tend to think that she’s still a little girl, at most 8 years old. In a recent documentary, the young woman stated that she is fed up with people scolding her as she walks down the street, as they judge her for “not dressing like a child or wearing makeup”.

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It turns out that when she was still a baby, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Treatment of the disease has damaged her pituitary gland (pituitary), rendering it nearly inactive. As this gland is responsible for regulating various functions of the body, such as metabolism, growth, menstrual cycle and egg production, Shauna had her development impaired and, therefore, she looks like a child, although she is the age of an adult woman. .

Shauna is 22 years old, but is mistaken for an eight-year-old (Photo: Playback/Mirror)

Shauna is 22 years old, but is mistaken for an eight-year-old (Photo: Playback/Mirror)

In the announcement of the TLC documentary called I Am Shauna Raethe young woman says, “If you looked at me, you’d think I’m just a normal little girl, doing normal little girl things. But the truth is, I’m not a little girl. I’m a woman, a 22-year-old woman trapped in the body of a eight-year-old girl”.

The channel also shared a clip of the show on TikTok (@tlctv), which includes an interview with Shauna and her mother, Patty Schrankel. “Shauna likes to dress up like any other 22-year-old girl, but we go out together and people are like, ‘Oh wow, what is she doing? What is that girl doing? your daughter dress like that?'” Patty said.

Negative comments inevitably impact Shauna. “My mom has to explain that I’m old enough to make my own decisions, but they don’t believe her, they call her a liar. So that’s not fun. I feel awful for my mom because I don’t deal with all the reaction, they They don’t think it’s appropriate to go up to a child and say these things. They think it’s appropriate to approach my mother, which is not cool, in my opinion.” “And I know it affects you,” she added.

After the clip was shared on social media, many people gave Shauna their support, saying she was brave to speak up. “The situation is heartbreaking. She is a 22 year old woman wanting all the things a 22 year old wants and needs to do,” one person wrote. Then another commented, “She’s very mature. Talk to her and it’s pretty obvious she’s not a child.” And a third said, “Can we talk about how beautiful this girl is? Look at her eyes!”

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Shauna, 22, likes to put on makeup (Photo: Playback/Mirror)

Shauna, 22, likes to put on makeup (Photo: Playback/Mirror)

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