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Instagram is releasing a new version of the poll sticker in Stories. As of this update, the feature will allow the user to define up to four answer options for a question asked in the app, available on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The sticker being tested has a redesigned layout and more space for texts inserted in the alternatives.

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The new options are organized in a list format and appear listed on the sticker, similar in appearance to the old version’s test sticker. The poll issue was also highlighted through a colored background. The tool is still in the experimental phase in accounts in Brazil, Australia and Indonesia.

Instagram is testing a new version of the poll sticker for Stories — Photo: Ana Letícia Loubak/TechTudo

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Despite the increase in alternatives, the creator can define how many answers he wants to enter in the poll — opting for two, three or four options. The percentages of the results also continue to be calculated automatically, according to the number of alternatives chosen by the followers.

According to Instagram, Brazilian users cast 100 million votes in the Stories poll sticker daily. For the company, the new version of the sticker will give creators even more flexibility and creative control, enabling new ways to receive feedback on the social network.

New poll template offers up to four options and longer texts — Photo: Disclosure/Instagram

“We’re excited to test a new version of the Poll feature, a feature that empowers audiences to engage more deeply with their favorite community, creators and brands,” says an Instagram team member.

Recently, Instagram also announced other tests on the platform, such as the possibility of changing the order of posts in the feed, which will allow for greater organization and harmonization of profile photos, and the subscription of “VIP” content, a resource used to remunerate creators. and offer exclusive content to subscribers.

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