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Inter Bank
Inter shoots up more than 7% with the acquisition of BlackRock (Image: Disclosure / Banco Inter)

THE Inter (BIDI11) announced this Thursday (27) that the BlackRock acquired 5.05% of the total shares issued by the bank, now holding, in aggregate, 64,874,119 preferred shares.

After the disclosure, the bank’s shares soared, occupying the second highest rise of the Ibovespa of the day. Around 1 pm, Inter’s shares rose 7.60%, quoted at R$ 26.03.

According to Pedro Galdi, an analyst at Mirae Asset, in recent days, Inter’s share price has been strongly affected by the decisions of the Federal Reserve (Fed) and by the case of Leblon’s major shareholder.

On Wednesday (26), the Fed announced its US monetary policy decision with the interest rate increase signaling, of up to 0.25%, already in March. For Galdi, this factor is being negatively reflected in the prices of the country’s correlates.

In addition, last week, the investor known as “Monstro do Leblon”, Flávio Calp Gondim, announced that he had reduced his stake in Banco Inter to 3.94% of shares.

“This has generated a lot of volatility and a recent drop in Inter’s share prices”, adds the analyst.

Galdi also states that the fact that BlackRock reaches 5% of participation is a positive drive and calls for the unit to rise. The analyst reiterates the purchase for Inter’s shares, but warns about the volatility that “will continue”.


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