IR 2022: how to get ahead?

Sao Paulo, January 26, 2022 – The submission of the Declaration of Annual Adjustment of the Personal Income Tax (DIRPF) officially starts only on March 1st – ends at 11:59 pm on April 30th, with the disclosure of the rules and the program generated by the Federal Revenue . However, it is possible to go ahead and gather the necessary documents now. With that in mind, IOB, a brand of solutions and knowledge that empowers companies and accounting offices, has gathered some tips to help taxpayers.

What is IR and who needs to declare it?

Income Tax is an annual amount discounted on the income of individuals and companies in Brazil. In 2021, more than 34.1 million declarations were delivered and of this total, about 60% of taxpayers had amounts to refund. If there are no changes for that year, the declaration must be made by everyone who had an annual income greater than R$28,559.70, which gives an average of R$2,379.98 per month.

People with serious illnesses such as, for example, Parkinson’s, irreversible paralysis, AIDS, among others, officially confirmed with a medical report from the State Government or the Municipality, the income is exempt.

what is declared

The taxpayer has to account for all his earnings like wages, rents, lottery prizes and investments. In addition, it is necessary to inform all assets and rights that were part of your heritage, until December 31, 2021, such as real estate, vehicles, jewelry and / or paintings, with a value above R$ 5 thousand.

Necessary documents

The individual must gather proof of expenses, income or gains obtained in the year 2021. That is, expenses with health insurance, car, house, school or college and even the savings statement must be included. In addition, it is important to have on hand:

  • Updated bank account data for refund or tax debits;
  • Name, CPF, degree of kinship of dependents and date of birth;
  • Updated address;
  • Copy of the last Individual Income Tax Return (complete) delivered;
  • Professional activity currently carried out.

“Sending the income tax return is the Brazilian’s main tax obligation. Who comes out ahead, in addition to getting rid of the obligation earlier, also guarantees great chances of receiving the refund before. In order not to waste time, the main tip is to anticipate the organization of documents”, says Valdir Amorim, tax coordinator of the consultancy/editorial of the IOB.

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