Jade defends Natália after the kiss between Lucas and Slovenia

At BBB 22 (Globo), Jade Picon defended Natália Deodato’s revolt with the kiss between Lucas Bissoli and Eslovênia Marques. This Thursday (27), the digital influencer opined that the nail designer’s personal traumas may have influenced the outbreak this morning, when the member of Pipoca threatened to abandon the reality.

“It’s something she brought from her story, from outside, you know? It’s a tiring place for her to be, you know? She said she didn’t feel like she was the first option out there, in her life. It brings other stories, other pains , and it happened again. It’s not their fault, it happened”, said Jade, and Brunna Gonçalves added: “It’s a trigger”.

Leo Picon’s sister agreed with Ludmilla’s wife and continued with the report: “[Para a Natália, é algo como:] ‘Damn, I’m exhausted, damn it! Again!'” “But everything is repeated for us to learn, right? The situations that appear in our life, when they indicate a pattern, is a sign. We all have our pains”, countered Bárbara Heck.

“Man, but not when it involves more delicate matters, you know?”, pondered Jade. “Okay, but I think it’s about how the person deals. Other people deal more maturely, or less. She hasn’t learned to deal with some things and here, she still feels it very strongly, it’s her process”, argued Slovenia. .

During the chat, Barbara also said that the kiss between Bissoli and Slovenia “hurt Natália’s ego”. “She is a person, from what I see, who is uncomfortable when she sees that someone else is drawing more attention than her”, commented the gaúcha.

In the live Consultório BBB, the doctor Jairo Bouer analyzed Natália’s reaction. “Is it jealousy, is it rejection? I think it’s a little bit of everything mixed up. When we have a reaction like that, it’s usually things that accumulate, there comes a time when you burst. Maybe she was into the guy . She spends all day with him and doesn’t date anyone. Suddenly, he goes there and makes out with someone else.”

“This jealousy thing, the competition within the game and, suddenly, he preferred someone else and not her, this is an important element. So there you can see jealousy, but there is also rejection. Natália comes from a wall, too there is this component. We don’t know her story, but maybe she comes from other stories of rejection throughout her life. Because of vitiligo, because of her social situation. Several reasons may have made her feel rejected”, highlighted the professional.

“There can also be issues of self-image, self-esteem and, at that moment, that could have weighed on you. Add to that alcohol, which is a catalyst for emotional catastrophes, for exaggerations. So, at that moment, she made a powerful cocktail and had a decompensation. That’s why she even threatened to press the button”, reflected Bouer.

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