Jade Picon surprises by revealing the reason for using a navel sticker

Jade Picon is part of the BBB 2022 Cabin
Jade Picon explains why she uses an accessory at BBB 2022 (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Jade Picon gave something to talk about once again with its participation in the BBB 2022. In a recent conversation with the brothers, the famous told the reason for using a sticker on her belly button, explaining that this is to avoid negative energy from other people.

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Eliezer, from the Pipoca group, wanted to know why Jade covered the region of her body. “Why do you put this here on your belly button?”, asked the boy. The influencer, in turn, explained everything in detail:

“To shield me and protect me from energy. I believe that the navel is the place where we receive the evil eye, envy, all kinds of energy. And when I go to a party, I leave the house, I always cover my belly button”.

Still, Jade said that she also uses the sticker outside of reality, but the accessory is more flashy. “I wasn’t going to show up with a purple heart, it was going to be weird and they weren’t going to let me do that. I put tape”, commented the famous.

“If you do something intentional, like, ‘This is protecting me.’ It will protect you. Like a dream map, you write your intentions, So I feel better. And that’s it. And here I don’t shoot, right, because I’m not at home. Many people”.


BBB 2022: Jade Picon reveals decision to join reality

Recently, the influencer spoke about her entry into the Globo show. Jade stated that she did not want to participate in the program, but later changed her mind. It all happened thanks to recent events in the 20-year-old’s personal life.

“I decided to throw myself into it, because it was something I would never do, but I started doing a lot of things that I would never do and I saw how it opened me up, how it changed me, how it improved me. I already said that I would not participate in Big Brother, and here I am”, declared Leo Picon’s sister.

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