Ludmila Ferber discovered lung cancer after coughing; when to suspect? – 01/27/2022

The pastor and gospel singer Ludmila Ferber died on the night of this Wednesday (26), at the age of 56. In early 2018, she announced that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

“This is the time to deeply prophesy the songs that bless so many for all these years,” he wrote on Instagram after the first chemotherapy session. At that time, doctors said she only had six months to live.

Before discovering lung cancer, the singer reported that she had spent almost six months coughing very hard. “As my schedule is hectic, I only went to investigate when one of my daughters vehemently asked me to go to the doctor. Then, in February 2018, I was diagnosed with lung cancer, with metastases to the liver and bones”, she told the See, in 2019.

When to distrust? What are signs of lung cancer?

The symptoms of this type of cancer only appear when the disease has reached more advanced stages – Ludmila’s case. Among the main signs are:

  • Cough (in smokers, the usual rhythm is altered and attacks appear at unusual times);
  • Presence of blood in the sputum;
  • Chest pain (worse when coughing or taking a deep breath)
  • Shortness of breathe;
  • Hoarseness;
  • Recurrent pneumonia or bronchitis;
  • Unexplained loss of appetite or weight;
  • Fatigue or tiredness.

It is worth mentioning that all the above symptoms can also have other causes, so it is important to seek medical attention.

Lung cancer risk factors

According to Inca (National Cancer Institute), it is the second most common in men and women in Brazil — not counting non-melanoma skin cancer. It is the first in the world since 1985, both in incidence and in mortality. About 13% of all new cancers are lung cancer.

In about 85% of diagnosed cases, lung cancer is associated with consumption of tobacco products. Therefore, smoking is the main risk factor for the development of the disease. But there are others. Check out:

  • Passive smoke: the risk is at least three times that of a person not exposed to cigarette smoke, according to the American Cancer Society.
  • Air pollution: it is estimated that worldwide, pollution is responsible for 5% of cases.
  • Genetic factors: family members of people who have had lung cancer have a slightly increased risk, although it is difficult to establish how much of this probability is due to genetics or cigarette smoke.
  • Radiotherapy: those who have been exposed to radiation to the chest area may have a higher risk of lung cancer.
  • Exposure to substances: agents such as asbestos (asbestos), radon (gas resulting from the decomposition of uranium in soil and rocks) and arsenic (which may be present in water), soot, chromium, nickel, silica, coal products and diesel exhaust, among others , may also increase the risk.

How to prevent lung cancer?

Since the consumption of tobacco derivatives is at the origin of 90% of lung cancer cases, not smoking is the first precaution to avoid the disease.

Compared with non-smokers, smokers are about 20 to 30 times more likely to develop lung cancer and also have a shorter survival rate once diagnosed.

Having a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet rich in vegetables, regular physical activity and moderation in drinking are ways to inhibit various types of cancer, including lung cancer.

* With information from Inca and a report published on 10/16/2018.

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