Microsoft is developing a Monster Hunter clone to diversify the Game Pass catalog •

Microsoft is working on a Monster Hunter-style co-op action game with Certain Affinity, unofficial sources say.

Jeff Grubb, a credible source who has already revealed a lot of information in advance, shared that Microsoft wants to diversify the Game Pass catalog and wants to have a cooperative game to attract more players.

“They’re working with Certain Affinity on what appears to be a Monster Hunter-style game, a clone of Monster Hunter. They look at this gameplay being successful and Microsoft is like, ‘Hey, we should try to make one of these, is there someone to introduce it to. a proposal?'”

“They want more variety in the type of games they release on Game Pass and this is an example of that.”

Grubb added that Microsoft probably can’t put Monster Hunter on Game Pass, it would be too expensive, but they want a game of that style because of its potential to become something great and last a long time.

Certain Affinity is managed by Max Hoberman, who previously worked on the Halo series, who is currently working on a new property that has not yet been announced and could be this new Monster Hunter clone game.

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