Renault Master 2023 has new design, more power and part of R$ 187 thousand

Renault Master 2023 arrives renewed, see!
Renault Master 2023 arrives renewed, see! (Photo: Publicity)

The Renault Master 2023 arrives renewed, with a new front design that reinforces the brand’s visual identity, internal changes to increase comfort and adds the new generation of the 2.3 dCi turbo engine, 24% more economical, check out the details!

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Renault Master 2023 arrives renewed, see!
Renault Master 2023 arrives renewed, see! (Photo: Publicity)

Renault Master 2023 is released with updates to stay firm in the market

The Renault Master 2023 maintains its attributes of power, robustness and comfort, as well as its versatility, thanks to a line consisting of four body options and more than 100 transformation possibilities to meet any type of need.

The Master 2023 hits the market in Van, Chassis, Vitré and Minibus options and with three different options in terms of length and two in terms of the vehicle’s roof height.


“With the Master 2023, the professional Renault customer will have a vehicle that is even more economical, safer and with a more modern design, as well as having the full support of the PRO+ network that delivers a true solution to the mobility challenges of your business” , explains Bruno Hohmann, Commercial Vice President of Renault do Brasil.

Prices range from R$ 187,600 thousand to R$ 281,300 thousand, according to the need, see:

Renault Master 2023 versions and prices

Cab Chassis: BRL 187,600

Van (L1 H1): BRL 207,900

Gran Van (L2 H2): BRL 216,000

Extra Van (L3 H2): BRL 221,000

Window: BRL 225,600

Executive Minibus: BRL 281,300

Renault Master 2023 even more robust

The Master 2023’s new front design is even more robust, expressive and dynamic, with the adoption of a new front grille with a vertical design. The new headlights now feature LED daytime running lights (DRL). The new hood features a taller and more striking line.

In the rest of the design, the Master maintains the model’s excellent solutions, such as the vertically shaped lanterns, a plate positioned on the left side in an elevated and visible position and large asymmetrical windows, which facilitate visibility for the driver.

Inside, the steering wheel is new, with a more sophisticated design, and brings the keys to activate the cruise control system, while the new gearshift knob is finished in gloss black.

The model’s technology system and enhanced comfort

The instrument panel features a 3.5” TFT screen, to house the model’s on-board computer functions. In the center of the dashboard, in a central position and with easy operation, it is possible to equip the new Master with a 7” multimedia center with connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems and an integrated digital TV.

With a cabin designed for the driver who spends many hours behind the wheel, the Master offers a lot of comfort, with steering column height and driver’s seat height and inclination adjustments. With ample visibility, the windshield allows an angular range of 185.9 degrees.

Renault Master 2023 arrives renewed, see!
There are six versions in total.

More economy and power with the new 2.3 dCi engine

One of the great novelties of the Master 2023 is the new generation of the 2.3 dCi turbo four-cylinder engine. The engine brings 136 hp at 3,500 rpm (+6 hp compared to the previous one) and 36.7 kgfm at 1,500 rpm, which represents +16% more than the previous model. This is reflected in an even more agile and safer vehicle, even with maximum capacity. In addition, the model is up to 30% more economical in urban use. The transmission is a six-speed manual.

Technology for more security

The new Master 2023 received a complete active safety package that guarantees the safety of occupants in different driving conditions and is present in all versions of the model. Now, the model is equipped with Stability Control (ESP), Traction Control (TCS), Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Anti-Roll Over System (RMI).

Master also brings the Trailer Traction Assistant (TSM), Extended Start Grip Assistant (EGD), Emergency Braking Assistance (AFU), Adaptive Load Control (LAC), and the Crosswind Stabilization System (CWS).

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Versatility and ample space: the versions of the Renault Master 2023

With different configurations, the new Master 2023 offers three length options and two roof height options, as well as Van, Chassis, Vitré and Minibus versions.

The Van option has three wheelbase options, from 3,182 mm to 4,332 mm, as well as two ceiling height options, in addition to a load capacity of up to 1,522 kg and the possibility of transporting objects up to 1.80 m in height. height (in the version with H2 roof) and up to 3.7 meters in length (in the version with length L3).

The Vitré version, in turn, features side windows at the rear, allowing customization for different types of operation. The model is available with a length of 6,198 mm and a height of 2,492 mm.

In the Chassis version, the customer has the option of applying different implements to the Master, having a practical vehicle, which does not require a special driving license and which does not have limitations on driving in urban areas. The model has a maximum load capacity of 1,740 kg and can receive implements of up to 18 M3.

The Minibus version has 16 seats, a 1,000-litre trunk – without reducing the number of occupants, air conditioning system with side ducts allowing for the correct air conditioning of passengers and seats reclining up to 29º, in addition to individual lighting.

Renault Master 2023 arrives renewed, see!
The model receives the new generation of the 2.3 dCi powertrain (Photo: Disclosure)

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