Rodrigo freaks out during a party and shoots truths for brothers

During the second party of what happened in the early hours of this Thursday (27) at BBB22, Rodrigo vented about his perspective on some of the program’s participants. He stated that he was happy for the achievements of Arthur Aguiar in the first week, but changed his opinion about the actor recently.

“Everyone here knew that Arthur had a character deviation and came here and gave this guy a chance. I said: ‘Man, I was happy with your immunity, I’m happy because the girls are liking you’, but man, I just got a lot of character deviation from the guy”, fired Rodrigo on BBB22.

The brother said that Arthur Aguiar is going after the participants who are not yet in a group on BBB22 in an attempt to convince them that there is a villain in the program. The commercial manager also assured that he does not want to contact Mayra Cardi’s husband anymore.

“He hides, taking people who are not in a group and bringing them to him, trying to find a villain. Go take his **, because from now on, I don’t look him in the face, I don’t talk anymore, fuck it. When I’m going to speak, I’ll say: ‘You’re a put off character deviation, don’t come be my little friend’, Rodrigo continued on BBB22.

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Arthur Aguiar was not the only target of Rodrigo’s criticism at the BBB22 party. Afterwards, the São Paulo native detonated Tiago Abravanel, claiming that the actor plays a political game in the house, pretending that he gets along with everyone. He stated that he will no longer give the artist heart in the daily cheridometer.

“Enough, there are millions out there who may be looking at it differently. I can go out on the next wall, but I’ll go out with the truth that I believe I’m seeing. It’s no longer possible to reach Tiago and give him a heart when the guy is a banana, when he wants to get along with everyone and says he likes to play outside. He likes it **”, fired Rodrigo angrily at the BBB22 party.

“Enough of giving heart because the guy is cool. Enough of giving heart to the person who wants to be with everyone. He says he loves Big Brother, that he loves to play, but he stays here (in love) with everyone. Be a banana, but assume you’re a banana!”, continued Rodrigo, who seemed to be committed to causing discord at BBB22.

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