Santiago discovers Barbara’s dirty plan against Erica, punishes her daughter and asks her loved one for forgiveness

Santiago will punish Barbara (Photo: Reproduction)

After plotting to separate Santiago (José de Abreu) ​​and Érica (Fernanda de Freitas), Bárbara (Alinne Moraes) will end up having her dirty plan discovered by the rich man in the next chapters of Um Lugar ao Sol. for the veteran will be Cecília (Fernanda Marques), who will find out through Nicole (Ana Baird) that the patricinha created a fake account on a relationship site to harm the personal trainer.

This, however, will leave José de Abreu’s character quite disappointed with his daughters and, at the same time, determined to ask his loved one for forgiveness. “I know I have no right to expect you to forgive me, but I still had to come here and do my part. I want you to believe that, for me, it’s very hard. You even told me about it, about the fact that I spoil the two of you too much, but from now on my attitude will be different. I’m going to be assertive, sin by excess: no more allowance, no more pampering, no more. The only adult daughter I have is Rebeca (Andréa Beltrão)”, will release the old man, claiming that he will punish Christian’s wife (Cauã Reymond).

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Then, after a frank conversation with Luan’s mother (Miguel Schmidt), Santiago goes to meet his son-in-law to tell him about what happened. On the occasion, the businessman will be in favor of his divorce with the heiress. “I mean, my son, I’m releasing you: Barbara doesn’t deserve to be married to a boy like you. And you don’t deserve that either. A short time ago, she appropriated someone else’s work, anyway. And it destroys me. Perhaps the only way for Barbara to learn is to suffer the consequences of her behavior. Don’t hold on to Barbara because of me, Renato”, will say.

The plot is written by Lícia Manzo, under the general direction of André Câmara and Maurício Farias. Cauã Reymond, Andreia Horta, Marco Ricca, Ana Beatriz Nogueira, Andréa Beltrão, Alinne Moraes, Gabriel Leone, Marieta Severo and José de Abreu are the protagonists of the feuilleton. The unpublished soap opera tells the challenging story of two twin brothers who were separated as babies after losing their mother in childbirth.

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