Suzana Alves, ex-Tiazinha says she has used a stunt double in the kiss scene

Converted for more than 20 years, Suzana Alves, the former Auntie, revealed that she uses a double in kissing scenes or nudity in soap operas due to her religion.

“Today I am at God’s disposal and I don’t accept any job without talking to my husband first. [o ex-tenista Flavio Sarettta]. It’s not ‘everything suits me’. I stop doing many things because I don’t believe. The nude, the French kiss, I don’t. That’s why I do few jobs,” he said in an interview with Karina Bacchi’s YouTube channel.

“When you’re doing a job, there’s no shiver, it’s not carnal. It’s work. What counts is the intention of the heart. It’s obvious that I have my physical limits. We had a stunt double now, in a scene I had to kiss a lot, we had a double. Not once have I kissed. We kiss on the cheek, and the person thinks we’re kissing on the mouth”, he added.

Suzana also said that she once bit the tongue of a famous actor, with whom she acted in a play at the beginning of her career, because he had “advanced the signal during the scene”. “It was a lack of respect. Today, he, an excellent actor, respects me in a way that he lowers his head when he sees me”, he said.

The actress stated that she has thought about giving up her artistic career due to her religion.

“But doing the process of creating the characters, I discover that I love it. God knows that deep down it’s a self-sabotage of wanting to no longer be in the artistic environment. Deep down, I was born to be an artist, I was born to shine, and I have and must face this reality. Because that’s my mission: to shine in his light. Where he put me since I was a child. This understanding, I’m having now, to accept more, to give more interviews. Every now and then I freak out, I have my crises, because We are human beings”, he concluded.

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