‘Two years without talking to you’, says Flavio Nakagima about Gabriel Medina

After the news of the end of the marriage of Gabriel Medina and Yasmin Brunet reach the spotlight, Flavio Nakagima vented about the distance he had from his friend. According to the text that the surfer made on Instagram, the two have been apart since the beginning of Gabriel’s relationship with the model, in 2020.

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“It’s been almost 2 years without talking to you. We spend a good part of our lives together, like brothers, living together, enjoying, traveling, training, going through troubles, so many stories. I learned a lot from you and I believe you learned a lot from me. I’ve always been your fan for your work and for your person, I respected your moment and always rooted to see you happy. We learn every day in our lives, and I knew you had to go through it, to learn, to come out stronger and more mature”, begins Flavio.

“These days I dreamed of you saying you would be a father and you chose me to be your son’s godfather, strange, but every dream for me has a meaning. I felt willing to write to you, because I know it’s a moment you need. Regardless of what has happened, I will always be willing to listen to you and help you, for everything you have already provided me. I always carry that word with me, ‘gratitude’, and I hope you also have it for the people who like you, because in life everything is fleeting, dating, couples, women, but real friends are for life! Count on me for whatever you need, everything passes, and I’m sure you’ll overcome one of those little problems that we used to run over, go ahead!”, concluded the athlete.

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