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Horizon Forbidden West is heading towards its debut in February 18th and it will be the first major release of PlayStation 5 in 2022. A few vehicles around the world have already managed to play it and with that chance in hand, IGN has listed “32 stunning details” about the Forbidden West.

Jonathon Dornbush, the journalist responsible for the preview, managed to enjoy four hours of the title and reported that he only “scratched the surface” of the adventure. He doesn’t spare praise for the animations, the new machines, and even the robust combat system, which has been improved for the sequel.

New mobility features

Dornbush starts the long list by saying that the climbing in Horizon Forbidden West “is much more free and open” compared to the first game. Not everything is scalable, but it looks like there are more supporting options — you can use Focus to highlight these specific points.

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay
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Shieldwing is also mentioned by the journalist. The gadget opens up a range of possibilities in some specific actions, such as gliding or sliding to more distant places.

Weapons, combat and machines

Aloy’s arsenal comes to the fore for Horizon Forbidden West and the heroine will get new weapons as she progresses in the adventure. This time, two new elemental powers have been added: Acid and Plasma.

Additionally, players will have six talent trees to explore: “Warrior, Shipwright [de armadilhas], Huntress, Survivor, Infiltrator and Master of Machines” — but no details about them were shared.

Crafting and upgrading equipment from the workbenches throughout the game and asking for specific quests in the “Create Job” menu to collect specific resources will also be part of the package in Horizon Forbidden West.

Images of Horizon Forbidden West - Aloy in the jungle facing machines
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As for the new machines, the journalist talks about the “Arena”, where it will be possible to face a variety of enemies (including Bristlebacks and Slitherfang) in different difficulties to test all of Aloy’s skills.


Talking about the story, Dornbush reiterates that the game picks up six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. Now, Aloy’s mission is to stop the “Red Blight”, a plague that is wiping out the ecosystem of the Forbidden West and could cause the extinction of humanity.

Horizon Forbidden West - Infestation
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The border is guarded by the Carja and Tenakth tribes, so the heroine needs to “make her leaps” to get a meeting with both and guarantee a free pass to go there.

The antagonist, Regalla, will be introduced right at the beginning of the adventure and her introduction will be “memorable and scary”, according to the journalist’s report.

Horizon Forbidden West side quests

Guerrilla Games promised to make side quests more interesting in Horizon Forbidden West. Dornbush reports that they are “more valuable and engaging”, mentioning one at the beginning of the quest where the reward is a new type of weapon – the explosive “Javelin Thrower”.

already others sidequests offer improved melee combat and even interactions through a board game called “Machine Strike”, which “works like a 1v1 game, in which players move pieces represented by machines on a board”.

Scene from Horizon Forbidden West with characters from the game.
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Finally, there are also missions known as “Salvage Contracts”. Here, Aloy must hunt specific machines across the Horizon Forbidden West universe to supply blacksmiths with parts and improve their arsenal.

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