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Following what happened last year, Rede Globo is already moving to promote new changes important to your schedule. While some attractions have undergone changes, even having to go off the air before the time, due to the discouraging results, others are expected to happen because of a musical chairs that is about to happen in the presenters team.

One of the most talked about behind-the-scenes topics on television, without a doubt, is in relation to the future of Fátima Bernardes in the mornings of the Marinho station. According to strong rumors circulating in the specialized press, William Bonner’s ex-wife has already met with some Globo executives and informed her desire to leave the command of the program “Encontro”.

If everything remains as it is being reported, the presenter will have to say goodbye to her morning attraction between the months of June and July, period in which the “Meeting with Fátima Bernardes” completes ten years on the air. Thus, the management of the carioca station has already entered a real race against time to be able to define the details of the new programming after leaving Fátima.

Globo even considered defining a new presenter to occupy the post that will be left by Túlio Gadêlha’s girlfriend, but it seems that the idea is not going forward. According to information published by the portal TV Pop, the carioca broadcaster must decree the end of the “Encontro” after the departure of Fátima and a new attraction has everything for everything to be announced as a replacement for the program.

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Still according to the website, conversations about this new project are already underway behind the scenes at the Marinho station and several details are already being debated, one of them is in relation to the presenters of the program. If Globo executives approve the decisions, the new morning attraction will be led by Patrícia Poeta, Hélter Duarte and Sandra Annenberg.

Coincidentally, the current presenter of “Globo Repórter” has already made it clear to her superiors that she is unhappy in charge of the weekly program, with whom he shares with Gloria Maria, and asked to leave. One of the reasons for the journalist’s dismay would be the fact that she had lost a lot of visibility since her departure from the “Jornal Hoje” bench, being currently on the air two days a week.

If the new musical chairs take place soon, viewers will have to get used to old names on new days and times in Rede Globo’s programming. Faced with the great movement that is about to happen, Poliana Abritta would be another presenter to be relocated. The current commander of “Fantástico”, may occupy the post of Sandra Annenberg in “Globo Repórter”.

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