Wrong! Deputy suggests arrest of Anitta based on non-existent law

Recently, State Rep. Filippe Poubel (PSL-RJ) declared that the singer anita should be arrested after instigating his audience to offend the current president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. The episode took place last weekend, during the rehearsal of the singer’s Carnival block. However, in speaking of prison, Poubel used a law that do not exist anymore.


Photo: Instagram/@anitta

Filippe Poubel shared a video in which the rehearsal audience curses Jair Bolsonaro and anita just responds: “The voice of the people is the voice of God“. Well, the deputy didn’t like that at all.

Where is Anitta’s arrest warrant, STF? Article 26 of the National Security Law provides for slander or defamation, imputing them as a crime or fact offensive to the reputation of the president of the republic, a prison sentence of 1 to 4 years.“, he wrote in an Instagram post.

Now, does freedom of expression have legal limitations? The practice of this public defamation of the president of the republic, inciting hatred towards thousands of people, influenced by a ‘nationally known artist’ is provided for in the National Security Law, the evidence is evident“, he added.

The problem is that the National Security Act, cited by the deputy, was revoked in September 2021. In its place, the Law No. 14,197, which punishes crimes against the Edemocratic state of law. The new text removes crimes from slander and defamation against the presidents of the three federal branches. That is, anita cannot be arrested because she has not committed any crime.

Recently, philippe acknowledged his mistake, but continued to insist on the arrest of anita. Look:

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