After beef, Lucas makes a decision about Natalia

The bullshit involving Lucas and Natalia at the BBB 2022 continues to generate many comments inside and outside the most watched house in Brazil. During the leader’s first party, which took place in the early hours of Wednesday (27), the law student ended up getting very close to Slovenia. After a little push from vinicius and Pedro Scooby, the two exchanged pecks and ended up kissing. One detail, however, ended up drawing attention beyond the romance of the participants.

Natalia was extremely upset about the situation. That’s because the nail designer has also been very close to the boy in recent days. In the afternoon of the same day, the two were cuddled in the pool of the house and exchanged affection, demonstrating that they were flirting. Dissatisfied and feeling rejected, she ended up freaking out and even threatened to leave the game, which ended up not happening.

Lucas decides to take a stand

The case ended up earning Lucas criticism from the other participants, since many people do not agree with the position adopted by the medical student. He, however, seems to have already noticed that he needs to talk to Natalia and spoke about it during a conversation with Slovenia itself late on Thursday afternoon, a few hours before the leader’s test.

I’ll talk to Natalia, yes“, guaranteed the boy, who had Eslô’s support in this regard. “I think it’s a good one”, said the paraibana. After hearing that Lucas had a close friend outside the house that people mistook for his girlfriend, Eslô gave his opinion on the case.

The importance of conversation

“One day you told me, before we were together, that you, in your heart, wanted something, but then the person had that attitude first and you allowed it. I think that’s why you allowed yourself to be there in a situation, which maybe made her think that“, said the sister, referring to Natalia.

Lucas, without making the matter too long, agreed. “It could be too”, said the capixaba. “That’s why I think it’s cool, now even more, to make it clear, you know? Because if not, it’s going to get weird. And one thing I hate is competition”, commented Eslô. “Oh no! Are you crazy?”, the boy reacted.

It is worth remembering that all the bullshit involving Lucas and Natalia caused him to receive a series of criticisms from his fellow players. Brunna Gonçalvesfor example, called him a scoundrel and hinted that he might be his vote.

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