Alexandre Frota fled reality after discovering that he received a lower salary

Is what we watch on reality shows manipulated? The discussion has existed since the debut of the first program of its kind. In the third episode of “Realities: Brazil on TV”, a new documentary by splash and MOV.doc, the answer is still uncertain.

Chico Barney argues that realities are not manipulated, but that the production team is always looking for good stories. “Any TV show must have an orientation,” he explains.

If someone decides they have a way to save a certain narrative, I’m sure someone will talk about it to keep the show interesting. Does that mean they are favoring a participant and want him to win?

Chico Barney

In some cases, the participants themselves manage to find their own way of staying in the dispute. “Frota asked to leave because he discovered that the other had a bigger salary than he did, then he regretted it when he saw the success that was out here”, remembers Rodrigo Carelli about “A Casa dos Artistas”.

Silvio Santos ended up making an exception in the program rules to welcome Frota back into the game. “Some directors were against my return because of the rules and Silvio was very clear, he said ‘I’m in charge. He’ll come back.'”, says Frota.

“There’s one thing he [Silvio] once said that I think it explains a lot why he never made realities like that again. He said, ‘I don’t like this show because you can’t know what’s going to happen.’ And the reality show is really a type of program that those who make it watch together”, explains Carelli. “There is no script”, agrees Frota.

To check out these and other stories from the beginnings of reality shows in Brazil, watch “Realities: o Brasil na TV”, which premiered this Wednesday (26) on YouTube by MOV.doc and Splash.

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