Amazon can be fined up to BRL 11.6 million after canceling purchases from users who got products for free – Money Times

According to Procon-SP, the company will only be fined if it is not proven that what happened was a “gross error” (Image: Unsplash/christianw)

THE amazon (AMZN) can be fined up to BRL 11.6 million after canceling purchases from users who got free products on promotion with cumulative coupons, said Guilherme Farid, chief of staff at the Procon-SP to the Money Times this Friday (28).

However, for the fine to be applied, it is necessary to prove that the company did not commit any “gross error”.

“Procon-SP notified the company and wants to understand even the number of consumers who were affected, if thousands of consumers were reached, it is difficult for the company to prove that this was a crass or gross error”, says Farid.

Amazon has until January 31 to respond to the consumer protection body.

In a statement, the company said that the promotion granted a non-cumulative discount of R$ 15 on the first purchase made on the site. However, there was a problem with the system that was quickly fixed.

“After identifying the problem, orders that had not been sent and that were in disagreement with the Terms and Conditions were canceled,” explains the company.

On social networks, several internet users reported that, with the addition of several coupons, it was possible to take a Kindle for free.

What will happen now?

According to Idec, there is a possibility for the company to prove that it was a very notorious error and not a deceptive advertisement.

In this case, customers will not be able to demand compliance with the consumer protection code and will be left without the product.

“If the value offered is similar or close to promotions and close to that already practiced by the company and competitors, it is the right of these people to demand compliance with the offer, regardless of the fault of the company”, said Idec in a note sent to the press.

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