Apple Music claims to be ‘Neil Young’s home’ after artist asks to leave Spotify – 01/28/2022 – Illustrated

In recent days, the Apple Music streaming service has started to publicize on its social networks — with the right to playlists and in-app notifications — that it is the “home of Neil Young”, a singer who asked to have his work removed from Spotify after requesting that to remove a podcast with fake news about Covid-19 from the air.

The service is also taking the opportunity to highlight the singer’s music on its app, and streaming Tidal followed a similar strategy, commenting on its official networks. “That’s great for us,” published in reply to a tweet.

With Young’s departure from Spotify, the singer says he lost about 60% of the volume of his global streaming, but he thanked the label Warner for supporting him in the decision. Despite this, Neil Young’s track record with Apple isn’t perfect either.

In July 2015, the artist removed his work from all streaming services – including Apple Music -, in a Facebook post, which was not a financial issue, but about the sound quality.

“I don’t need my music to be devalued for the worst quality in the history of broadcasting or any other form of distribution,” he said in a text now deleted from the social network.

At the time, Young even invested in his own service, Pono, making his work available in high quality and free of charge, but it was closed months later. His work returned to the other platforms in late 2016.

Meanwhile, however, according to user reports, Spotify has been facing a wave of cancellations.

After all, they decided to keep an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” – Spotify’s highest-rated podcast, which has exclusive rights to the show – in which the presenter interviews doctor Robert Malone, with false information about the pandemic and immunization. The episode has since been banned from platforms such as YouTube.

The immunologist is already known for starring in posts criticizing childhood vaccination, in addition to pointing out that immunizers cause problems in the reproductive system. Apart from that, Spotify said in a statement that it has already removed more than 20,000 podcast episodes with fake news about Covid since the beginning of the pandemic.

Users point out that Spotify is creating barriers to make it difficult to cancel accounts, with warnings that there may be delays in support responses. Others report that, even talking to support, the attendant claims not to be able to help.

This goes, however, for those who want to permanently delete their account. Users who have paid subscriptions can cancel directly through the website, reverting the account to the free modality. Meanwhile, enthusiasts create tutorials on the networks on how to transfer their data and playlists to competing services.

It’s worth noting that Spotify’s decision to keep Joe Rogan’s show is related to the service’s investment in podcasts. According to a survey by the American agency Midia Research, streaming is the most popular, with 31% of this market, while Apple Music has a share of 15%, in second place. In 2020, however, Spotify had 33%, pointing to a decline.

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