Baghdad airport is targeted by rocket attack – 28/01/2022

Baghdad, Jan 28, 2022 (AFP) – Six rockets were fired at dawn on Friday (28) at Baghdad airport, causing no casualties but damage to a civilian plane, the latest in a series of attacks that United States often attribute to pro-Iranian factions.

These acts, which are never claimed, are generally directed at the interests of the United States and the international anti-jihadist coalition troops in Iraq, whose departure is demanded by armed groups pro-Iran.

The six rockets landed in the parking lot and on the runways. A civilian plane, which was empty, was hit and damaged.

A source confirmed that the attack was carried out with six drones against the airport’s civilian facilities.

The aircraft hit is a Boeing 767 of the Iraqi airline Iraqi Airways that was undergoing repairs, according to another source at the airport.

The airline posted photos of the damaged plane on social media, which had a huge hole near the cabin. According to the company, the plane was already “out of service” and immobilized on the ground. The company also said that flights will not be affected.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

In recent weeks, rocket launches, or drone attacks, have hit the so-called and overprotected “Green Zone”, where the US embassy is located.

According to a coalition source, on January 3, the US military shot down two armed drones. These artifacts would target a US diplomatic zone installed at Baghdad airport and bases where coalition troops are stationed.

On 13 January, three people – including two children – were injured by a rocket that hit a school in the “Green Zone”.

At the same time, two other rockets landed on the US embassy compound, leaving no injuries.

On December 9, Iraq announced the “end of the combat mission” of the coalition, which, however, maintains troops in Iraqi territory for training and advisory tasks.

In practice, about 2,500 American soldiers and another thousand soldiers from the member countries of the coalition are deployed in Iraq, distributed in three bases managed by the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The wave of attacks has intensified since the beginning of the year, with Iran and several allied groups marking the second anniversary of the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani and his Iraqi right-hand man Abu Mehdi al-Muhandis. Both were shot down by a US drone in Iraq on January 3, 2020.

This sequence of offensives also takes place in a tense post-election context, characterized by endless negotiations to form a parliamentary coalition, appoint a prime minister and compose a new government.

Last Tuesday (25), three rockets landed near the home of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbusi, who renewed his post for a second term.


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