BBB 22: While Maria ‘sweeps her’ at the party, Laís promises to give up on Rodrigo | It’s on the Net

Laís and Maria Playback / Globoplay

Published 01/29/2022 04:36

Rio – The party this Friday (28) at Big Brother Brasil was good for some and bad for others. Maria ended the party as the top scorer of the night, took a big kiss from Eliezer and then still got on well with Linn da Quebrada. Verena of mother’s love lives up to the title of shirt 10 given by internet users on social networks.

This time there was no embarrassment, at least not an alcoholic. There was only the role of a muggle that the doctor Laís passed with Rodrigo. The couple has been close for a long time, but they never took the next step in their relationship, as the brother claims “there is a person out here that he does not want to make suffer”. However, apparently, the doctor got tired of this game and promised that if she didn’t go 0-0 at this party, she wouldn’t want to know the paulista anymore.

The two entered a long DR because of that, Laís even lost more than 100 stakes, as she covered the microphone to muffle what she was saying (unsuccessfully). “If it’s not now, it’s never again. I am determined!” The doctor stated firmly. It remains to be seen how long this certainty will last.

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