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This Friday afternoon (28), Bárbara Heck, Brunna Gonçalves, Eslovênia Maques, Eliezer, Laís Caldas and Vyni were talking in the lolliipop room. In bed, the former model told the brothers that, while she was trying to help fractionate the food and what each one could eat in the xepa group. Both Naiara Azevedo and Natália Deodato were sulking. “No, let’s do it… helping to calculate,” she said.

Barbara just didn’t expect Naiara Azevedo to enter the room. In a quick change of subject, the sister managed to get around the situation. The “50 reais” interpreter arrived and sat on the bed with the brothers. “There will be eight eggs for each one and 10 for…we just balance it out”, said the coach as the singer approached. “Naiara also made a roasted banana”, she added.

The division of the xepa

The xepa made a calculation to be able to distribute the eggs equally to everyone and Linn da Quebrada helped. Naiara warned the girls that the bananas were about to rot. Tiago opined about the purpose of the game: “It’s emotionally destabilizing everyone over food. You have to go against this place.” Barbara, on the other hand, said that it is good because there will be less dishes and they will be “in shape”.

The xepa’s diet will be an egg a day, a banana a day, black coffee in the morning and food strips. In the next few days there will be eight eggs per person, but Barbara and Maria, who do not eat meat, will be able to eat ten. Naiara and the former model were talking about the lack of food and ended up exchanging barbs in the kitchen.

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Bárbara and Naiara found each other strange earlier

Barbara said she spoke her opinion. “I’m kidding. I’m asking you a question: ‘Are you serious or are you kidding?’ I’m talking and joking. Are you serious about this or were you kidding?”, asked the singer. The girl replied that she was joking until Naiara told her to “hold the wave”.

“If you’re going to be in a better mood, you can get all my eggs for you. I just want the good of the group. Don’t think I want to harm anyone,” Barbara said. Naiara was worried about the little food available to the xepa members. The editing coach stated that she feels the same way too. “I know boys eat more, I know boys will feel more, but everyone is here equally. Everyone knew how difficult this game was.”

Naiara and Barbara’s diets

The singer explained her upset: “Something that makes me embarrassed. It’s not just me, I’m used to eating sometimes only once a day, super restrictive diets, that’s not the problem. The problem is, I’m going to cook”, revealed Naiara who has already been criticized for being alone in the kitchen. “People will say, ‘Can I eat? Can I get one more?’ I feel bad”, said the sister.

Annoyed, Bárbara debated: “You are not receiving anyone in your house. The house is not yours, it was not you who did the shopping, everyone is here the same. It is not your responsibility”. The sister did not mince words and continued: “Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not having a feast at your house and people are lacking food. People came here for this,” she pointed out.

Laís and Brunna expressed concern about Barbara’s diet. “She doesn’t eat rice, beans or bread. Just eggs and coffee”, observed the sister. “She’s going to end up getting a disease from bullshit in that body of hers”, pointed out the dancer. The doctor also thinks it’s dangerous. “I already told her but it’s no use”. The production of the reality show has already scolded the former model, who revealed have trouble eating.

After the tension that hung in the air, Barbara and Naiara talked and the blonde advised the singer. “It’s no use you wanting to run away from responsibilities thinking that you’re going to harm the other. Everyone who came here, came knowing what was going to happen and the things that are part of the game, you know? We can’t take it so much to heart like that. It’s a game, and not to say that because it’s a game that no one has feeling here,” she advised.

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