Boteco party has kiss, tears and strategy

The Festa Boteco from “BBB 22” (TV Globo) stirred the brothers’ spirits. With the opening of Neymar and a show by the singer Ferrugem, they enjoyed the whole night and there was no lack of mood swings.

After the show, and after eating, the participants took to the dance floor and Maria, as usual, gave everything to the party. After trying, without success, to unite the couple Laís and Rodrigo, the actress and Eliezer starred in the biggest kiss, to the applause of the other brothers.

Soon after, it was Linn da Quebrada’s turn to kiss Maria. The two delivered a kiss like that, with the surprised look of the residents of the most watched house in Brazil. Linn and Eliezer exchanged pecks. The couple Eslô and Lucas, on the other hand, kept the romance atmosphere and kissed a lot during the party,

Emotions on the surface

As much as there was a lot of kissing, the party also delivered a lot of crying. Early on, the songs of singer Ferrugem brought Douglas Silva, Tiago Abravanel and Maria to tears. Who never cried listening to a pagoda? With the confined this is no different.

Lina cried a lot after kissing Maria, the artist says she is afraid of how Brazil will see her after that kiss. Linn was comforted by Maria and Naiara Azevedo.

Laís was also in tears at dawn. After a long relationship discussion with Rodrigo, the doctor ‘got dumped’ and cried to Tiago Abravanel, who asked his sister not to cry because she is much better than Rodrigo.

Duty at Big Phone

Some strategies were revealed at Festa Boteco. Rodrigo and Lucas, for example, agreed to camp in front of the two Big Phones in the house until Sunday, with the expectation that a call would free them from the wall.

Jade Picon in the crosshairs

Jessilane confessed to Rodrigo that she should vote for Jade on the next wall. The teacher said that she was mistreated by Jade twice. Rodrigo even tried to design some vows, but Jessi said that this is the will of his heart and not a combination of vows. Jessi even tried to approach Eliezer. She says she wants to have her brother’s friendship.

friends and rivals

Rodrigo called Douglas during the party and stated that the circumstances of the game made them rivals. However, he said he likes the actor a lot and hopes to be friends with him after the reality show, Douglas did not agree with the term ‘rivalry’, but said he respects the commercial manager’s game.

Family relationships

Maria told the brothers that she and her father were already with the same woman. Maria said she was at a music festival and stayed with everyone in the box. Among them, a girl who later ended up staying with her father who was also at the party.

Friends forever?

Eli felt Vyni distant from him during the party and caught his brother’s attention. Eliezer said that several times during the party he tried to talk to Vinícius and was ignored. The man from Ceará said he had nothing to do with it and asked his friend to stop being silly.

Festa Boteco turned into the night and the enemies of the end were Douglas, Paulo André, Scooby, Slovenia, Lucas, Jessi and Maria.

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