Bridge collapses before Biden visit to talk infrastructure

A bridge collapsed this Friday (28), without causing any deaths, in Pittsburgh, in the United States, hours before a visit by President Joe Biden to talk, mainly, about his great infrastructure projects.

Several drivers and vehicles – including a bus – were stranded as a result of the accident on the snow-covered bridge, according to several photos posted on social media.

Three injured, whose lives are not in danger, were taken to hospital, according to the emergency services of the city, the second largest in the state of Pennsylvania (east), after Philadelphia.

The first available information did not indicate fatalities.

Local media reports about ten people with minor injuries. The president was informed of the bridge collapse and acknowledged the work of rescuers deployed, said Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the White House, but he will not change his schedule.

Biden has a speech scheduled for this afternoon, referring to his method for “strengthening the country’s logistics chains, revitalizing the industrial sector, creating high-paying, union-protected jobs, and building a new America, not least thanks to the two-party-backed law on infrastructures”.

Biden and the bridges

It’s a striking coincidence: on January 20, the first anniversary of his administration, Biden praised this law, while pictures of crumbling bridges were displayed on a billboard.

The massive $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending plan passed by Congress late last year is one of the Democratic president’s few great successes to date.

With a popularity rating of around 40%, Biden has decided to reach out to the public this year, when midterm legislative elections could cost him his narrow parliamentary majority.

After spending a year promising major economic and social change in the United States, the White House was forced to scale back its ambitions. And also to adapt the way it communicates with Americans, who are struggling with historic inflation and a new wave of the pandemic.

In this context, the president’s grand projects seem far removed from his everyday concerns. After the infrastructure law and the failure to pass an ambitious social project worth 1.7 billion dollars, the president is looking to save at least some reforms, such as day care assistance and energy transition spending.

To win the vote of centrist Democrats who don’t want him leaning too far into heavy state intervention in the economy, the president is now talking about a plan to “put Americans to work” and increase the country’s competitiveness.

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