Camilo says that the tendency is to grant readjustments to teachers according to the floor announced by the Federal Government

The Government of Ceará should grant a salary increase of 33.24% to teachers, according to the readjustment of the floor defined by the Federal Government, announced by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), this Thursday, 27. The trend was revealed by Governor Camilo Santana (EN), this Friday, 28, during the inauguration of the Integrated Multifunctional Center (CIM) of the Fire Department, in the Cidade dos Trabalhadores neighborhood.

The PT said that, throughout his seven years in government, the state executive always guaranteed all the readjustments given to public school teachers, but that the issue is always first debated with the economic team. “All readjustments were given to teachers in the state public network,” he said.

And he added: “What I do every time is ask my entire team, with great responsibility, to carry out all the financial impact analyzes so that we can guarantee what Ceará is today: an example of fiscal balance and the state that invests the most in public education and recognizes the careers of its teachers”. Soon after, he pointed out: “So, for sure, our state always complies with all the readjustments of its state teachers”.

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All over Brazil, basic education teachers must have their salary floor readjusted. The value defined in the federal plan must be monitored by states and municipalities. According to newspaper information Folha de S.Paulo and The globethere was disagreement within Bolsonaro’s team, with an attempt to concede a lower percentage.

The value of 33.2% is based on the criteria of the Teaching Floor Law, which currently associates the readjustment with the variation of the Minimum Annual Value per Student (VAAF-MIN) of the Basic Education Maintenance and Development Fund (Fundeb ) in previous years.

For teachers in Fortaleza, Mayor José Sarto (PDT) informed that, according to the determination of federal law, the index will be applied. An increase of 11% for the category had already been approved. To reach the adjustment defined in the new floor, an extra increase of 22.24% will be granted to the category.

with information from reporter Vitor Magalhães

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