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Another BBB 22 party took place on Friday night (28) into the early hours of Saturday (29). Maria took full advantage of the occasion and kissed Eliezer Netto and Linn da Quebrada. Laís Caldas, on the other hand, spent a lot of time humiliating herself to kiss Rodrigo Mussi, but was rejected. The party was also marked by moments of crying.

The brothers’ fraternization began with a show by singer Ferrugem. As soon as the musician left the stage, Rodrigo started making comments about the game. The commercial manager asked Lucas Bissoli to “camp” with him next to the Big Fone so that the two could answer the dreaded device.

“Tomorrow I sleep in this fucking Big Fone,” he said. “Me too”, replied the Slovenian affair Marques. “Are we really going?”, asked Rodrigo. “I swear,” Lucas promised. Already drunk, Mussi shouted: “Me and Lucas are going to fight to be here, we won’t leave the big phone until Sunday”.

While the commercial manager tried to convince the ally, Maria enjoyed the party in another way. The actress became very close to Eliezer, and the two starred in a kiss, which happened thanks to a “little push” from Tiago Abravanel. Silvio Santos’ grandson watched Maria and Eliezer dancing together and advised the two to stay. The famous then said that he should try to unite Laís Caldas and Rodrigo.

“Stop worrying about others and go enjoy life”, advised the presenter. Soon after, the two confined kissed. “Took a wave”, celebrated Pedro Scooby when he saw the scene.

It didn’t take long and Maria kissed Linn da Quebrada. The participants were surprised, but they celebrated the hookup of the two sisters. “Play water”, joked some brother amid the shouting of the party.


At another time in the morning, Laís decided to invest in Rodrigo. Drunk, the brother went to the bathroom with the doctor, but he had no idea what the confinement colleague had in mind. “I want to understand what is happening,” said the sister. “What if I go out on Tuesday?”, asked the brother then, already drunk.

Despite the confusion in the conversation, the participant made it clear that she would like to stay with her playmate. He, however, played dumb on several occasions. “What do you want?” he asked. “I want you to be a man and speak,” replied the doctor.

After much ado, Rodrigo finally asked about the ally’s intention. “Do you want to kiss me?” he asked. “What do you want?” she countered. “I can’t, Laís”, replied Mussi.

Back on the track, the confined vented to Tiago Abravanel about the outside. “He doesn’t deserve you”, reacted the grandson of Silvio Santos. “I spoke [para ele]: ‘It’s now or never,'” she said.

Earlier, Lucas Bissoli had already encouraged his friend to stay with the doctor. “Go! Get her”, asked the medical student. “I can’t. I like someone out there, but Laís is a wonderful person, if I didn’t have my heart out there…”, Mussi explained.


The party of the time also yielded moments of emotion. Maria started the night crying because of Ferrugem’s show. Thrilled by the songs, the artist could not hold back her tears. Tiago also burst into tears, but did not explain the reason for the crisis.

Linn da Quebrada cried a lot during the night. After kissing Maria, she vented and was comforted by Brunna Gonçalves and Naiara Azevedo. “There are many fanfics about the trans body. I’m afraid of being hated by Brazil”, assumed the singer.

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