check the payment calendar for the month of February

The payment schedule for the third installment of the Brazil aid it’s about to end. With this, beneficiaries are already anxious to know when the next deposits will start.

Auxílio Brasil 2022: check the payment calendar for the month of February
Auxílio Brasil 2022: check the payment calendar for the month of February. (Image: FDR)

With this in mind, the Ministry of Citizenship has already published the official payment schedule for the Brazil aid in the Official Federal Gazette (DOU). It is important to remember that, in order to understand the schedule and know the day on which each beneficiary will have the money deposited in quota, it is necessary to observe the last digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS), as the payment date is linked to it.

For example, benefits whose NIS ends in 0 receive the third installment of the benefit next Monday, the 31st. This is the last group of the current step. The fourth installment is scheduled to start on February 14th. See the full calendar below:

  • Final NIS 1: February 14;
  • Final NIS 2: February 15;
  • Final NIS 3: February 16;
  • Final NIS 4: February 17;
  • Final NIS 5: February 18;
  • Final NIS 6: February 21;
  • Final NIS 7: February 22;
  • Final NIS 8: February 23;
  • Final NIS 9: February 24;
  • Final NIS 0: February 25th.

As promised by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, installments in the average amount of R$ 400 must be maintained until December 2022, during which the Brazil aid is guaranteed by law. Deposits are made in Caixa Tem’s digital social savings accounts.

The application was conceived and launched by Federal Savings Bank (CEF) still in 2020, to unify emergency aid payments. However, given the success and practicality of the platform, the bank decided to keep it. then the Brazil aidas well as the payment of some other assistance benefits are made by him.

However, social program beneficiaries will also receive a card for withdrawals once their application is approved for the cash transfer. Thus, if they prefer, they can use the tool to withdraw cash from ATMs, lottery houses and Caixa correspondents.

It is important to remember that as of this month of January, the beneficiaries of the Brazil aid are also covered by the gas allowance. The benefit provides for the payment of 50% of the average value of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) every two months.

There is no way to inform an exact amount of this benefit, since the amount paid will be based on the most recent average published by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) at the time the payment is made.

Citizens enrolled in the Auxílio Brasil program will be entitled to the benefit for a period of five years, if they continue to meet the eligibility criteria. The gas aid resource will be released through the cards of the Brazil aid that have already started to be released accompanied by the respective passwords. You are entitled to gas assistance:

  • Families enrolled in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the federal government (CadÚnico), with monthly family income per capita less than or equal to half the national minimum wage (R$ 606);
  • Families that have, among their members residing in the same household, who receive the Benefit of Continued Provision of social assistance, the BPC, which provides for a monthly minimum wage (R$ 1,212) for the disabled person and the elderly aged 65 years or older who prove that they do not have the means to provide for their own maintenance or their family.
  • The law establishes that the aid will be granted “preferably to families with women victims of domestic violence who are under the monitoring of urgent protective measures”.

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