Discover 5 Different Netflix Movies You’ll Surely Like

When analyzing the Netflix catalog, many have the feeling that they have already watched all the movies available on the platform. However, in this article, you will discover that there are actually several “hidden” works in streaming that are sure to please you. Keep reading and check out some different movies on Netflix for you to enjoy!

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Creep and Creep 2

This sequel is especially for those who like horror movies! Listed among Netflix’s scariest movies, these two titles resemble the classic “Paranormal Activity”. In addition, both surprise the audience by telling a story that could easily happen in real life, which makes the film even more interesting.

High Flying Bird

This film surprises not only for the quality of the plot, but also for the fact that it was filmed entirely by an iPhone cell phone camera. In addition, the film talks about the facets of the world of sports and also about the backstage of the big negotiations. It has a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Road Without Law

Another movie that conquers anyone! This feature tells the story of two police officers, Frank Gamer and Maney Gault, who are invited to return to solve crimes, even after retirement. Still outstanding are the impeccable performances of Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson.

the lost daughter

A true and sincere portrait of all sides of motherhood! This is a very feminine film and presents the story of a woman who ends up reliving the ills of a mother’s life after meeting a young woman, who is also a mother, on her vacation tour. Both are staying in the same city and end up living the same reality. In addition, this feature was inspired by Elena Ferrante’s book, which is a worldwide bestseller.

18 Gifts

Finally, this is an excellent movie for anyone who enjoys a well-done drama. It tells the story of a woman who leaves 18 gifts for her daughter because she has terminal cancer. Thus, the girl will have a memory of her on each birthday, until she reaches the age of majority. A strong and moving film that is worth watching!

After this list, now you know what to watch on Netflix. Also, remember that the more you watch a movie style, the more similar titles will appear for you. Therefore, it is important to always know how to diversify. Now, grab your popcorn and enjoy all these title options available on your stream!

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