Dom João Becker Hospital performs vasectomy through SUS in Gravataí – Giro de Gravataí

Procedure is simple has fast recovery. Photo: Disclosure

A short-term, effective procedure that helps families in birth control, vasectomy by the Unified Health System (SUS) is in low demand at Dom João Becker Hospital. In this way, the interested patient can have access to the procedure in a more agile way. To do this, just look for the nearest Gravataí health unit to forward your request. Vasectomy is performed under local anesthesia, lasts an average of 15 minutes and the patient can return to their normal activities, usually on the same day.

By law, men over 25 and two or more children can apply for the procedure. “It is certainly a very effective method, as families are able to control the number of children more safely, without risk to health”, says Dr. Jeverson Wagner, urologist at Dom João Becker. According to DataSUS data, in 2019 there were 18,657 vasectomies in Brazil, a number that dropped to 9,144 in 2020. The pandemic would have been the main responsible for the abrupt drop in procedures.

For the medical director of the Dom João Becker hospital, the offer of vasectomy by the SUS is an important public policy for birth control. “We see families with low purchasing power that are numerous and have very poor quality of life. Vasectomy, as well as tubal ligation, are procedures with a relevant, positive social impact”, says Dr. Fernando Issa. The Hospital is able to perform 30 vasectomies per month, via the Unified Health System.

A vasectomy involves cutting and connecting the vas deferens, two small tubes that come out of each testicle and through which sperm pass. After the procedure, the man continues to produce semen, but after a few ejaculations there will be no more reproductive cells, which will prevent an eventual pregnancy. Vasectomy does not affect libido, nor does it bring any change (other than the lack of sperm) in sexual intercourse.

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