Elden Ring will have “heroic” bosses, unlike Dark Souls

Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of FromSoftware, revealed more details about Elden Ring in an interview with PS Blog. The studio’s next RPG has been compared a lot with games in the Dark Souls series, but according to him, the game’s bosses were designed very differently.

Asked about the “balance” between the beautiful and the grotesque in the creations of the bosses, Miyazaki credited the ideas to George RR Martin and revealed that he was preparing grandiose and heroic forms to bring the characters and entities of the work to life. According to him, they will not be “strange beings with some sense of beauty” as in Dark Souls:

In Elden Ring, we wanted a slightly different approach as we had these brand new characters that George RR Martin wrote with their contexts and the stories he created for the world. We created grand and heroic designs, basically with these demigods from the history of the world of Elden Ring.

Godrick, one of the bosses already featured in the trailers, is the perfect example for Miyazaki: “he is a great example of this for bringing that sense of sadness and frustration of a sovereign whose reign has come to an end, desperately trying to hold on to the power that still has him. left,” he commented.

More people will be able to reach the end of Elden Ring

The difficulty presented in the gameplay of FromSoftware’s new title will be a mystery until the community gets their hands on the game, but Miyazaki has already tried to reassure some of the fans. According to him, “more players will reach the end this time”. Know the reason!

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