28. Jan, 2022

By Davi de Souza ([email protected]) –

creek 3 - 3A first-hand news that promises to bring major repercussions in the nuclear sector. The Board of Directors of Eletrobrás approved this morning (28) the contracting of the consortium formed by the companies Ferreira Guedes, matrix and Adtranz to carry out the works related to the bidding for the Critical Path of Angra 3. This was the last stage that the group needed to overcome to actually win the contract. The expectation is that the consortium will be convened within a period of 10 days – extendable for an equal period – to sign the contract with Eletronuclear.

Petronotícias had access to the general executive schedule of the Angra 3 Critical Line Acceleration Plan, which corresponds to a set of activities aimed at accelerating the construction of the plant. The idea is to advance part of the project (civil works and part of the electromechanical assembly) even before hiring the EPCista company that will carry out the overall work. According to the calendar, mobilization at the construction site should start in March and last until the end of August. During this interval, the manufacture of heat exchangers, tanks and pressure vessels will also begin.

critical accelerationFor September, when the mobilization is concluded, important milestones of the work will be started, such as the start of the concrete structures of the reactor building and the auxiliary building of the reactor. Work on the reactor building is expected to be completed by the end of January 2024. The auxiliary building will also be ready that year.

As a reminder, in July 2020, the Eletrobrás Board had approved the granting of Advances for Future Capital Increase (AFACs), in the amounts of BRL 1.052 billion and BRL 2.447 billion for Eletronuclear in 2020 and 2021, respectively. . The amount will be used in the Angra 3 Critical Line Acceleration Plan.

celsusIn the market, the announcement of the consortium’s confirmation for the Angra 3 critical path works was seen as a crucial milestone, but which must now be followed by effective actions for the resumption of construction. “We need agility and do things correctly and quickly. There is much work to be done. The issue of Angra 3 needs to be finally overcome, since looking at the long term, Brazil is starting to think about expanding its nuclear generation park. But before that, it is essential that the country manages to complete the works on Angra 3”, said the president of the Brazilian Association for the Development of Nuclear Activities (ABDAN), Celso Cunha. “Once the winning consortium for the works on the plant’s critical line has been defined, now it’s time to execute what was decided”, he added.

Ferreira Guedes works in railway, road, port, hydraulic, sanitation, industrial and building works. Founded in 1966, the construction company has already participated with Queiroz Galvão in the consortium contracted for the urban mobility works around the Arena das Dunas, in Natal (RN). Espirito Santo Matricial specializes in construction and civil maintenance; anti-corrosion treatment; concrete recovery and metallic coverings. ADtranz works with energy systems, telecommunications, automation, ventilation, with emphasis on the metro-railway segment.

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