Five Video Cards That Run Heavy Games | Which one to buy?

Powerful video cards can make a difference when playing today’s games. Modern releases and games like Deathloop and Forza Horizon 5, for example, run at a high resolution and frame rate (frame rate), which requires high graphics performance from computers. More advanced GPU options, in addition to more VRAM memory, also support technologies such as FSR (AMD), DLSS (NVIDIA) and Ray-Tracing, which enhance the visual experience.

High-end video cards can go over R$15,000, but you can find good options for more affordable prices. To help you with your choice and purchase, we’ve listed five video card options that are good for running heavy games. We consider aspects such as technical sheets and technologies as selection criteria.

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This GPU (graphic processing unit, or graphics processing unit, in free translation) from MSI brings the AMD chip, which appears as recommended in the hardware requirements of several modern games – such as Forza Horizon 5 itself, for example. This model has an excellent 8 GB of VRAM in the GDDR6 standard (the name given to the storage of graphics cards), which is one of the most modern and powerful today.

It is worth remembering that VRAM is the short-term memory of the GPU – that is, the one that stores information about programs and applications that are currently open. When these software are closed, this storage is released again. The greater the memory capacity of a graphics card, the more powerful it is. For comparison, a PS4 Pro uses 8 GB VRAM in the GDDR5 standard – that is, the RX 6600 XT can run games in a way superior to the high-end version of the PlayStation 4.

The RX 6600 XT is built on AMD’s modern RDNA2 architecture, which is the graphics foundation for games aimed at next-gen consoles such as Xbox Series X and PS5. With about 50% more power than its previous version (RDNA), this technology promises compatibility with the main features of the brand’s GPUs, such as FSR (a function similar to NVIDIA’s DLSS, which improves the visual quality of games without compromising performance. ).

MSI AMD RX 6600 XT has 8 GB of VRAM and has FSR support — Photo: Reproduction/Amazon

With a very imposing look, the RTX 3060 Ti from EVGA is another interesting alternative for those who want to run heavy games with quality. In addition to offering 8 GB of VRAM in the GDDR6 standard, it also has a refined look, with customizable RGB lighting. Its three fans (fan) help the machine not to overheat, which keeps the games stable and well structured.

This card also has an intelligent cooling system, which also helps to keep it at the best possible temperature even on very hot days. With clock (operating frequency) that can reach 1.8 thousand MHz, the RTX 3060 Ti also supports Ray-Tracing and DLSS technologies, which guarantees an even more realistic look to games. It is worth remembering that, to work at their maximum power, games need to have these resources available from the factory.

EVGA RTX 3060 Ti supports technologies such as Ray-Tracing and DLSS — Photo: Playback/Amazon

The RTX 3060, from Zotac, has an NVIDIA chip and is recommended for gamers who want excellent performance in their gameplay. It has 12 GB of VRAM, a value that is close to that of consoles like PS5 and that helps a lot when running heavier and more modern games.

Although it has a smaller number of fans than the previous card, it has the IceStorm 2.0 system built in, which maintains good temperatures at a low noise level. The RTX 3060 also has VRAM in GDDR6 technology, in addition to a clock power that can reach 1807 MHz and 192-bit memory interface. Like the Ti version, it supports Ray-Tracing and DLSS.

Larger volume of VRAM (12 GB) is one of the Zotac RTX 3060’s differentials — Photo: Reproduction/Amazon

This powerful graphics card from ASUS with AMD chip promises extreme performance to face any game at the highest graphics settings. It has 16 GB of VRAM in a GDDR6 system, the same amount as powerful video games like PS5 and Xbox Series X. In this way, it manages to provide games with a very high level of detail and realism.

The plate in the OC version brings a overclock factory, which increases the operating frequency up to 2340 MHz in boost. In addition to a good number of connections, the RX 6800 XT has three fans and also brings an improved cooling system and a very aggressive look, which can please enthusiasts who seek maximum performance. Allows to run in 4K and has support for Ray-Tracing.

ASUS RX 6800 XT is one of the most powerful cards from AMD — Photo: Reproduction/Amazon

The RTX 3080 Ti is a high-end board with a chip from NVIDIA. The model has 12 GB of memory in the GDDR6X standard and promises raw performance, capable of delivering a lot of quality even with 4K and Ray-Tracing features enabled.

With DLSS support, it has a lot of versatility. In this way, even in games with lower resolutions (like 1440p, for example), the card can use NVIDIA’s feature to maintain a high level of detail and high frame rate. Although it doesn’t have such an irreverent look, the model has three fans and can be the right choice for competitive games at over 140 frames or even for 4K, always maintaining great performance.

ASUS RTX 3080 Ti looks basically identical to the model with an AMD chip — Photo: Reproduction/Amazon

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